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This section of the website features newsletter content from Audre Gutierrez' periodic e-news offerings. Each Words of Wisdom newsletter includes an educational focus on an essential oil or family of oils, or a topic, with information about oils that relate to that topic. Newsletters can also contain announcements of new oils in the Wisdom of the Earth portfolio, news related to the company, and upcoming offerings such as classes, special events, and special product announcements. Enjoy! Your comments are always welcome!

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Protected: Have you wanted to go deeper with aromatherapy? Study with Wisdom of the Earth and expand your knowledge of and connection with the Plant Kingdom

By Audre Gutierrez | July 5, 2024 | Enter your password to view comments.

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Celebrating Our Connection to Nature and Each Other

By Audre Gutierrez | June 25, 2024 |

  “Why we need each other” Greetings from Wisdom of the Earth! This e-news explores our connection to the plant world, and how important it is to our health, development and happiness. It was inspired by a wonderful presentation I attended this weekend that discussed “Why we need each other” in this interconnected web of life.…

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Celebrating The Earth and Pondering the Incongruity of Fragrance Oils on this Day

By Audre Gutierrez | April 22, 2024 |

Sharing a “nagging” concern on this beautiful Earth Day afternoon…is Campfire or Baked Bread fragrance oil in your diffuser really the way you want to go?                                                                …

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Donation to Donkey Sanctuary & Celebrating ‘Authentic’ as 2023’s Word of the Year

By Audre Gutierrez | March 27, 2024 |

The “feel good” newsletter!  My visit to Oscar’s Place Donkey Sanctuary to deliver WOTE’s 2023 Donation from the sale of Leonardo’s Lavender Donkeys are the most abused and neglected domesticated animal on Earth; And now, the use of the gelatin in their hides in a Chinese Medicine remedy has catapulted their deaths to near extinction…

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Turning the Page to 2024 & Meet the WOTE Staff!

By Audre Gutierrez | January 11, 2024 |

Happy New Year to our Wisdom of the Earth Friends and Family!

Greeting 2024 with positivity and perspective

We are currently running a series of posts on our Facebook Page about positivity.  My first offering was Laurel Leaf, as I associate positivity with positive action, in addition  to positive thinking.  Our thought was to focus on the importance of shifting the mood from worry, due to the many issues that are in the news that cause (legitimately) angst and concern, to positivity.  Whether it is the climate, the situation in Gaza, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the political unrest in the US…and so many more…we can support our own health within this stressful context by focusing on what we personally can and cannot change, and act accordingly. 

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Time Sensitive! Black Friday Promotion from Wisdom of the Earth!

By Audre Gutierrez | November 22, 2023 |

  Wisdom of the Earth Black Friday Promotion! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  In the spirit of giving, we decided to have a gift drawing for those purchasing products totaling $100 or above (in store or on line) on Black Friday! We assembled a sweet collection of gifts from our storefront offerings and will draw 5 names from those…

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Diffused Essential Oils Shown to Significantly Improve Memory & Olfactory Ability

By Audre Gutierrez | August 28, 2023 |

University of California research study clearly demonstrates that diffusing individual essential oils positively effects memory and sense of smell.

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So many similar oils….how to decide?

By Audre Gutierrez | August 9, 2023 |

Oils of different plant varieties or different countries of origin may offer distinct and valuable differences.

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Cleanse your Energy and your Heart of Unconscious Grief

By Audre Gutierrez | May 1, 2023 |

Revealing Reservoirs of Grief that may cause Stagnation or Inaction

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On a budget? Here are 21 pure essential oils under $20 that can address most common concerns.

By Audre Gutierrez | March 13, 2023 |

Headache?  Upset stomach?  Sleepless nights?  Find help in this group of essential oils that won’t break the bank!

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