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Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils offer a profound connection to the Natural World and are a bridge, a gateway, to the Unseen World.  Additionally, they bring about a deeper connection with our Authentic Self, the person we came here to be.

Located near magical Sedona, AZ, Wisdom of the Earth (WOTE) has a line of over 260 single, medicinal-grade essences imported from dedicated farmers throughout the world. We’d like to introduce you to Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils, share our vision of medicinal aromatherapy in its power and purity, and invite you to experience our offerings…our essences, services, seminars, and our network of incredibly gifted and passionate messengers for the Plants & Trees…our WOTE Master Distributors and Level 1 Certification Teachers. As you will see…we are all about relationship, so this is of an informational than a commercial Website. If you are interested in any of our offerings, please call or email us at wisdomoftheearth@aol.com, and we will explore how to help you deepen your connection to the healing power of Mother Earth.

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Wisdom of the Earth is called to offer pure, powerful, single (ingredient) essences. We do not offer blends. Our approach is to teach our clients to layer individual, non-diluted essences on the skin, allowing them to work in synergy with the body’s own intelligence. Also, we hand-pour every essence with loving intent, further enhancing its high vibrational energy…

Upcoming Classes

Class schedules

Thurs. March 18 – Thurs. April 29, 2021
Single Essence Education Series
One of the things I love about Wisdom of the Earth Essential Essences is that there is such a wide variety and range of essences in the catalogue. From some very rare essences like Blue Lotus, to the medicinal grade of more commonly known essences such as Holy Basil or True Sage, or the 12 different Pines we carry, it seems there is always more to learn about! In this 6 week course, we take a look at 6 individual essences or singles (not blended) and learn not only about their healing properties, but also get to know them deeply from an energetic perspective. In each class students will learn the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each essence and experience that essence in meditation. Over 6 weeks students will share their experiences and questions as we dive deep into learning about and connecting to this healing plant medicine. 

Tues April 20- Tues May 25 OR Wed April 21-Wed May 26, online
6-Week Online Level 1  Certification Course
Join Lindsey Fernandez, Aromatherapist and Intuitive Healer, for this one-of-a-kind course in the transformational practice of Medicinal Aromatherapy. For those with a serious desire to deeply explore essential essences, this 6 week online course is appropriate for personal or professional use. Medicinal Aromatherapy is compatible with and enhances any healing modality. Tap into the healing abilities of the plants and trees and learn how to work with them safely and effectively. Students will experience  meditation, practical application and much more throughout this 6 week course.  All course manuals are included in the price. Click the Level 1 link for more information to include registration and requirements. Level 1 ~ Lindsey Fernandez (Online)

Sat. 10/2/2021 – Mon. 10/4/2021
3 Day Level 1 Certification Seminar in Medicinal Aromatherapy (Paulden (Prescott, AZ)
This introduction to Wisdom of the Earth essences, is life changing. This class is designed for those with a serious interest in personal essence use and/or professional applications in medicinal aromatherapy. These essences are the highest quality and will facilitate healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. The essences will raise your consciousness from a learned fear based paradigm to a heart centered approach. You will experience and learn about the foundational essences. You apply acupressure, reflexology points, and crystals with these life changing essences. You will probably find yourself exploring new vistas on your transformational journey. Taught by Kathy Padecky and Larry Bassett, Certified Wisdom of the Earth Level 1 facilitators.