About Wote

Wisdom of the Earth – Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit…Naturally.

Wisdom of the Earth (WOTE), a woman-owned essential oils company, is located in the lovely little community of Cornville, AZ, just down the road from the magical red rocks of Sedona.  WOTE offers over 260 single, medicinal-grade essential oils imported from dedicated farmers throughout the world.

We’d like to share Wisdom of the Earth's vision of medicinal aromatherapy in its power and purity, and invite you to experience our offerings…exquisite essential oils, insightful consultations, foundational and advanced certification seminars, and our community of incredibly gifted and knowledgeable WOTE Master Distributors and Level 1 Certification Class Teachers.

When essential oils are in their integrity (pure, unadulterated, un-mixed) they, with regular and intentional use, provide a profound connection to the natural world and a bridge to the unseen world. Additionally, they bring about a deeper connection with your Authentic Self, the person you came here to be.

Many of our essences are wild-crafted or organically farmed.  Some of our farmers produce essences ethically or naturally, but do not go through the costly process of having them certified by a governmental agency.  Therefore, although we identify essential oils certified as organic by a country’s governing body on our label, please understand that many others, though not certified, have been produced in sustainable, natural ways, and are described as pure and natural.

Due to WOTE's calling to offer pure, powerful, single ingredient essences, we are considered a 2nd level raw materials importer. We do not offer blends, nor do we add or subtract plant chemistries to achieve consistency of aroma or texture, year to year.

Many companies standardize each batch of essential oil, so that the chemical profile is unchanging, however, we would prefer to educate our customers to expect some variations from batch to batch…even if from the same farmer. The wine industry is a great example of the variation inherent in nature...if you love a particular year of a favored wine, they will tell you to purchase a lot of it, as flavor varies year by year, due to environmental conditions.

We know that the plants adapt to their environments to remain vital and whole, so it is our believe that, especially in these times of great climate fluctuation, this adaptation is beneficial, and is something to be welcomed by humans.

Please take a few moments and explore our site…and experience a little of what Wisdom of the Earth is all about. Our goal and passion are to truly make a difference in the world, one essence and one person at a time.

Audre Gutierrez, Master Medicinal Aromatherapist, Co-founder & Owner, Wisdom of the Earth

Cynthia Olivera, Master Medicinal Aromatherapist & Education Director

Note: Wisdom of the Earth is open Monday – Friday 8:30a – 4:00p (MST). Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time. Weekends by appointment only.