Ordering Information

This page includes all the information you need to purchase Wisdom of the Earth products online.

Included in the On-line Store are Wisdom of the Earth (WOTE) essential oils & hydrolats, AromaKits, and books/services such as selected Essential Oil books, including the three WOTE published books, and WOTE gift certificates.  

Wisdom of the Earth Shipping & Insurance Policy

Overnight or International Shipping

The shopping cart is not set up to calculate overnight or international shipping rates. If you require either of these services, please email your order to [email protected] with Overnight Order or International Order in the subject line, and your order will be processed directly.

Wisdom of the Earth Replacement Protection Policy

Effective immediately, the US Post Office no longer provides any level of shipping insurance (domestic or international) for packages containing essential oils, due to some of them being classified as Hazardous Goods. So Wisdom of the Earth (WOTE) has instituted an in-house replacement protection coverage program, which is less expensive than the previous insurance coverage offered by USPS, and is more comprehensive in terms of the types of loss covered.

Coverage will be provided by WOTE for the following types of loss:

*Leakage: The amount of oil lost will need to be documented by images provided by the recipient; WOTE will, at its sole discretion, determine the amount of the loss and either replace the bottle with the same sized bottle, or replace the amount leaked, together with a new label, if needed, and a new secure dispenser cap. Postage to ship the replacement will be borne by WOTE.

*Damage resulting in loss: The extent of the damage will need to be documented by images provided by the recipient. The damaged contents, as determined by WOTE, will be replaced in full by WOTE, and the postage to ship the replacement(s) will be borne by WOTE.

*Lost or stolen packages: Packages lost by the carrier, if not covered by the carrier, will be replaced and shipped by WOTE.

Due to the increase in lost, damaged and stolen packages, the WOTE replacement coverage must be purchased by the customer for us to work with you to replace orders, if necessary. If the customer does not purchase WOTE replacement coverage, we will not be responsible for replacement of product due to leakage, damage or loss.

Maximum coverage: $5,000 per package.

Cost of Coverage:

*Domestic: $1.25 per $100 value of order (before shipping); less than $100 value is $1.25. Any order value in between requires that the next $100 in coverage be purchased. For example, an order valued at $230 would require $300 worth of coverage ($3.75). The package may not be insured for less than the full value.

Effective 06/20/22

Returning Customers

If you wish to place an order, and have no questions regarding your essence selections, you may get started by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking on the link to the type of product that interests you.

Customers New to Wisdom of the Earth or Shining Sun Aromatherapy (Audre’s Personal Practice Website):

If you are new to Wisdom of the Earth medicinal grade essences, please read on for important information regarding essence potency, bottle sizes, etc. before shopping.  Even if you are familiar with other companies’ essential oils, please take a moment to review the ordering information below…and then visit the On-Line Store area to experience the difference conscious farming/wild crafting, and intentional hand-pouring of the essences makes. 

Ordering Information – Essential Oils and Hydrolats

Our hand-poured, undiluted essential oils are considerably more powerful than most essences found in stores.  Thus, we ask that, if you are not familiar with this level of potency, please contact us before placing an order so that we can discuss your interests and essence options:  928-649-9968 (WOTE office). There is no charge for this conversation.

A clarification about bottle size:  Our standard size essential oil is 15 ml (milliliter), compared to many companies which offer a 10 ml size as standard.  On average, a 15 ml bottle holds 450 drops of essential oil.  Some of the more costly essences are offered in 5, 2 and/or 1 ml sizes, as well. Please note that, unless the essence is part of an AromaKit, 1 & 2 ml essences will come in a 5 ml bottle, so that we can use our standard label, which contains important botanical and usage information. Hydrolats come in a standard size of 120 ml (4 oz).

If you have brief questions about what essences would be effective for a straight-forward situation, please call and we will be happy to offer suggestions.  If the situation is not clear-cut, or is complex in nature, scheduling a consultation may be the suitable approach in fairness to you, to us, the oils and the situation.

Ordering Information – Gift Certificates

Services: Gift Certificates can be purchased in increments of $25, up to $300.  This amount can be applied to any product or to personal consultations. This makes a wonderful gift for someone facing a health challenge or for someone eager to explore plant and tree essences for emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.  Consultations are available in 30 minute increments, priced at $75 per increment.  Most consultations run 1 hour, but much can be accomplished in a 30 minute consultation, also.  You may specify a consultation with Audre Gutierrez (Owner) or Cynthia Olivera (Education Director); please specify the name in the comment section of the order form.  Once a consultation service is purchased, we will be in contact to schedule the appointment.

How to Order

If you normally order through your WOTE teacher or one of our Distributors, our preference is that you continue to do so, if possible, as we desire to respect that established relationship.  We have created this shopping option primarily for the convenience of new Wisdom of the Earth customers, and others who order directly from us.

Our most recent price list is located on the bottom of the Home Page.  

NOTE TO WOTE CERTIFIED STUDENTS who wish to purchase on-line:  To obtain your Wholesale Distributor discount, please contact us for the appropriate Coupon Code information. This is only necessary the first time you order via the Shopping section of this site, as the codes do not change very often, if at all.  


Refund Policy

We do not generally offer refunds, so please order carefully.  We are happy to offer store credit for items returned in unopened/new condition.  There is a 10% restocking charge for returns of more than five bottles.  If we have made a mistake in filling the order, a refund or exchange will be made, whichever the client wishes.

IMPORTANT: Notice about Self-Responsibility

The offering of medicinal-grade essences and related products, and any suggestions as to their use by Wisdom of the Earth/Shining Sun Aromatherapy, are not to be construed as AMA or FDA approval or as treatment of disease.  These are ancient remedies that have been handed down through many generations and many cultures, and their properties are well known and well-documented in the aromatherapy and herbal literature. The basis for their use is self-responsibility. 

If you are under the care of a physician, you should inform him or her of your intention to use these natural remedies. Wisdom of the Earth and Shining Sun Aromatherapy are not responsible for any misuse or unintended outcomes of the essences.

Therefore, by purchasing and/or using these essences and related products, you are accepting responsibility for their use and their outcomes.