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Learn the Ancient Art of Aromatherapy…the Original Medicine of the Planet!

This foundational intensive is designed to ground the participant in a basic but deep understanding of the ancient relationship between humans and the Plant Kingdom. While allopathic medicine is barely 150 years old, plant and tree medicines are thousands of years old, and medicinal aromatherapy is steeped in this ancient tradition. Our emphasis is on honoring both the healing properties and the consciousness of the Plant Kingdom and sharing the Ancient Art of Aromatherapy to enrich our contemporary lives.

We cover approximately 45-75 essential oils in depth, exploring their physical, emotional, and spiritual uses. A wide range of application methods is demonstrated and discussed, from the auricular method to the “cold-hot-cold” layering technique. We cover essence production processes and issues, including adulteration and factors which influence quality and price.

Several meditations are included to reinforce the connection with the unseen world as well as plant consciousness.

Please bring a journal with you, as there will be time after each to record your impressions and experiences. A “hands-on” practicum concludes the seminar, where students are paired up and have the opportunity to work with the essences and with each other.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Learn what medicinal aromatherapy really is
  • Understand how essential oils are harvested and distilled
  • Discover how to most effectively use essential oils on yourself and others
  • Experience hands-on study, use, and learning of 45-75 foundational essences
  • Explore using single pure, undiluted essences in meditation and health protocols
  • Re-establish connection to your Mother Earth as a Sacred Teacher
  • Learn how to intuitively work with essential oils based on inner knowing and intellectual knowledge

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Photos from past Level I Retreats

Nov 2020 Level 1 Class