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AromaKits are hand-crafted cases with up to 15 2 ml bottles of hand-poured essences.  Each AromaKit is designed to address a particular interest or need. Click here to purchase our AromaKits.

Click here to shop from our collection of over 250 pure, single, hand-poured medicinal-grade essential oils for body, mind and spirit.

Click here to peruse our collection of over 20 hydrolats…great for space-clearing/refreshing, skin hydration and balance, and uplifting your spirits.  PLEASE NOTE:  We do not ship hydrolats to areas experiencing freezing temperatures unless the customer specifically waives his/her replacement rights (even if insurance has been purchased).

Click here to purchase our WOTE Reference Guide; Wisdom of the Earth Speaks;  Voice of Light, Voices of Love…Messages from the Plants & Trees (our most recent book) and The Blossoming Heart by Robbi Zeck; and Gift Certificates or a Consultation with Audre Gutierrez.

As a convenience, we sell individual labels or sheets of labels. Click here to shop them.

In addition to their natural beauty, stone pendulums are invaluable in working with essential oils. Stones and holders that convey meaning… spiritual properties, symbolism, and color…come together to access higher guidance regarding an oil’s quality, energy, and comparison with other options for a particular need. Click here to see our available offerings.