Wisdom of the Earth Replacement Protection Policy

NOTE:  An exception to the following information concerns the shipping of hydrolat (hydrosol) products to an area experiencing freezing temperatures at the time of shipment.  We do not ship hydrolats under those conditions unless replacement by WOTE is waived by the customer, even if you have purchased the shipping insurance detailed below.

Coverage will be provided by WOTE for the following types of loss:

*Leakage: The amount of oil lost will need to be documented by images provided by the recipient; WOTE will, at its sole discretion, determine the amount of the loss and either replace the bottle with the same sized bottle, or replace the amount leaked, together with a new label, if needed, and a new secure dispenser cap. Postage to ship the replacement will be borne by WOTE.

*Damage resulting in loss: The extent of the damage will need to be documented by images provided by the recipient. The damaged contents, as determined by WOTE, will be replaced in full by WOTE, and the postage to ship the replacement(s) will be borne by WOTE.

*Lost or stolen packages: Packages lost by the carrier, if not covered by the carrier, will be replaced and shipped by WOTE.

Due to the increase in lost, damaged and stolen packages, the WOTE replacement coverage must be purchased by the customer for us to work with you to replace orders, if necessary. If the customer does not purchase WOTE replacement coverage, we will not be responsible for replacement of product due to leakage, damage or loss.

Maximum coverage: $5,000 per package.

Cost of Coverage:

*Domestic: $1.25 per $100 value of order (before shipping); less than $100 value is $1.25. Any order value in between requires that the next $100 in coverage be purchased. For example, an order valued at $230 would require $300 worth of coverage ($3.75). The package may not be insured for less than the full value.

It is our practice to include an empty, labeled 15 ml bottle with every 4 oz/120ml essential oil or nut/seed oil at no charge so that you can have a more convenient way to dispense the oil. If you do NOT want this free bottle, please add a customer note stating so and we will make sure to not include it in your order.

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