WOTE Tips & Information (Videos)

Our dynamic "Views" page is where we bring aromatherapy to life through engaging videos. Whether you're looking to learn about different application methods, understand the intricacies of distillation, or explore topics that lend themselves well to the visual format, you'll find it here. As we expand our video library, we'll organize them into categories to make it easier for you to navigate and find the content that resonates with you.

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Master Distributors/Teachers

Wisdom of the Earth's Master Distributors and Teachers represent an incredible wealth of knowledge, passion and commitment relative to health and well-being emotionally, spiritually and physically.  We have been featuring one of our Master Distributors or Teachers (Teachers are contracted to offer our Medicinal Aromatherapy Level 1 Certification Program) periodically on our home page over the past year, and you can see all of the videos that that have been posted thus far on this page.

Get to know the amazing people who represent Wisdom of the Earth throughout the US and globally.  You are welcome to contact Wisdom of the Earth directly, however, know that we have very seasoned Master Aromatherapists in multiple locations who have their own practices (e.g., aromatherapy, yoga, natural healing, sound healing, life coaching, etc.).

So, if you would love to have someone more local to you for advice, training, and procurement of WOTE oils, check out their geographic locations.  Each of these individuals has studied with us at an advanced level and are incredibly knowledgeable about Wisdom of the Earth essential oils and our approach to their use for health and well-being.


Discover a World of Aromatherapy Topics.

Whether you're interested in application techniques, have questions about the differences of group of oils like the conifers, or are seeking inspiration for incorporating aromatherapy into your daily life, this is where we will be adding video information to address these interests and more.