Donation to Donkey Sanctuary & Celebrating ‘Authentic’ as 2023’s Word of the Year

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My visit to Oscar’s Place Donkey Sanctuary to deliver WOTE’s 2023 Donation from the sale of Leonardo’s Lavender

Donkeys are the most abused and neglected domesticated animal on Earth; And now, the use of the gelatin in their hides in a Chinese Medicine remedy has catapulted their deaths to near extinction in many countries. See Congressional report on this topic. 

As many of you know, my late husband, Leonardo Gutierrez, was a great lover of animals; he was always rescuing a poor mistreated animal, including geese at the feed store or the  neglected donkey at the end of our street.  Because one of our Bulgarian Lavenders was a favorite of his, every year we donate 10% of the sales of that oil (now renamed Leonardo’s Lavender in his honor) to a deserving animal rescue organization. 

This year, Oscar’s Place, located in Hopland, CA, received our monetary contribution, in addition to a collection donated by the WOTE staff.  Recently, I had the joyful experience of going to the sanctuary in person, and visiting with the donkeys and the amazing staff.  Their love for these beautiful animals, which are so dear to my heart, as we had three of our own in New Mexico, brought tears to my eyes.  It is hard, challenging work, but Ron King and his team do it day in and day out with love and devotion.  It is a beautiful thing to see, and to be a part of, even if it is a tiny part.

If you have not experienced Leonardo’s Lavender yet, I invite you to do so!  My personal experience is that it is incredible for deep muscle pain, and also contributes to deep, restful sleep.  It is one of our most popular lavenders, and will enable you to participate in our annual donation program to animals in need.

Attributed to the flurry of interest and concern about the recent advancements and applications of AI (Artificial Intelligence), M-W’s choice of authentic really got my attention.  Why?  Well, for years, we have taught about the ability of Wisdom of the Earth’s pure, undiluted or unblended essential oils, when used consistently, to bring one to his or her authenticity. What is the value of that?  Well, being true to one’s self and one’s passion and purpose in life contributes greatly to one’s health and well-being.  Who hasn’t experienced an unhappy personal relationship or a highly difficult employment environment contributing to or causing physical or emotional illness.  High levels of stress are a killer.  That is pretty well accepted in our culture.  They cause illness and exacerbate existing conditions. So, I will not pretend to know exactly how the oils are able to affect us in this way, but I will say that I know it to be true.  It happened in my personal life, and I have witnessed it in so many others who turn to the oils to improve their health and happiness.

Not living authentically contributes significantly to difficulty in making decisions.  Being your true self is your rudder in life!  You are clearer on what contributes to your happiness and well-being, and thus you feel confident making even difficult or significant decisions because you know what is right for you and what is not.  That is huge.  And it helps you  realize how fruitless is it to go to others to ask what is best for you…input is one thing.  Sometimes a conversation with a close friend or confidant gives us an important insight.  But the ultimate decision is yours and yours alone…you will be the one living with the consequences of that decision.

So, having

Laurel Leaf, or Tamarack or Geranium as your ally is a wonderful way to develop that surety of who you are, and what is best for you.  Using these pure messengers from the Plant Kingdom allow them to follow their most authentic path too, as they are on this Earth to be assist and support human kind, whether it be food, medicine or shelter.  Look up the properties of the oils and see what resonates for you, at this time in your life.  They are here to help us all be our most authentic self…rightly acknowledged by M-W’s Dictionary as something increasingly important in our world.Announcements will be made soon in a separate communication, as I am well aware that we all get way too many emails and only have the time to process so much!  Please check our website for my and Cynthia’s offerings, as well as those from our wonderful WOTE Teachers. The home page shows upcoming classes, including the Level I Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification Class and other special, related offerings.

Thanks for reading, and for being a part of Wisdom of the Earth! Your comments regarding this newsletter or any aspect of aromatherapy in your life are always welcome.

Love, Audre Gutierrez
Owner, Wisdom of the Earth


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