So many similar oils….how to decide?

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Many essential oils have the same or similar names. Why do you carry so many…and how can I decide which are best for me?

I have introduced three new essential oils to our extensive line this week; all of them are already represented in some way in our present portfolio.  So why did I add them, and how can you decide which to choose when their properties are so similar?  Good questions!  I will share my thought process with you, as well as how I perceive the differences between each of these pairs!  

The “Why”:  There are times when a farmer will include samples of essences he or she would like me to experience, even if I haven’t requested them. Sometimes one captures my fancy.   Other times, I will be looking for one oil, and see that a trusted supplier offers another that I have had difficulty sourcing…I am immediately interested, as it is good to have back-up plans in this business!  Finally, it may be that I am fascinated with the producer’s “story” about the oil….a good example is our Lavender from Greece.  When I learned that it is grown in the foothills of Mount Parnassus, ancient home of the fabled Oracle at Delphi, I was intrigued and could not wait to experience the aroma and energy of an oil from plants grown in that storied place.  I was not disappointed.

Some distinctions I experienced:  With regard to the oils I introduced this week, let me share my thoughts/impressions with you on each, and then overview the common properties of their plant families or types. What is shared below is what I felt/thought/heard when applying several drops of each oil over my heart in a quiet setting.

Fir, Grand (FR) Organic (New) $49 15 ml  $343 120 ml
This new and precious offering of Fir, Grand from France brought tears to my eyes the first time I took in her complex, woody, earthy aroma.  Her energy speaks to me of her roots – consciously expanding out to receive Earth Mother’s nourishment and strengthen her support system.  Are these your desires as well? If that resonates, she may be the one for you.

Fir, Grand (CAN) Organic (Current One) $30 5 ml $79 15 ml $550 120 ml
A sweet, lofty aroma that lifts the spirits and speaks of new beginnings. This beautiful Fir from Canada has a gentle strength that awakens our own; her softness validates our own.  She opens us to receive with gratitude ALL that the Universe has for us…good and bad, easy and difficult, obvious and subtle…on the path that is uniquely our own.

Lime, Mexican – Steam Distilled (New) $27 15 ml  $189 120 ml
Fresh, sweet, uplifting and a touch “sharp” to the nose.  Offers mental and emotional clarity; soothes “ruffled feathers” or “bruised feelings”.  A soothing effect on fresh grief and a gentle clearing of grief that has become, over time, one’s “story”.  Helps break addictive patterns, be they physical or emotional, or both.  Importantly, team-distilled citrus essences tend to be less photosensitive and less skin sensitive, so, while caution should always be exercised when using undiluted citrus essences on the skin (we always advise applying to the soles of the feet), the difference in photo-sensitivity, when compared to cold-pressed citrus oils, is quite significant.

Lime, Mexican – Cold Pressed (Current One)  $22 15 ml $154 120 ml
A slight, bitter “hint” can be detected behind the inherent sweetness of this oil.  Offers a clarity that goes beyond emotional and mental to one’s soul/life purpose.  What a gift for those who are searching.  Described by one customer as “joy in a bottle”, our cold-pressed Lime from Mexico accesses the joy and creativity of your inner child.

Fir, Douglas (Albania) (Current One)  $42 15 ml  $294 120 ml
This essential oil has a bit of a cleaner, sharper, invigorating aroma.  She brings your thoughts immediately back to the present moment.  Her gift is keeping us in the “now”…being fully present.  A great one to use if you have difficulty staying present in meetings or conversations; also great for children who have difficulty concentrating in classroom settings.  She calls me back for another “whiff” and I am literally entranced by this Albanian beauty.

Fir, Douglas (FR) Organic (New)  $19 5 ml  $50 15 ml  $350 120 ml
Mellow…takes your anxiety or stress and says “walk with me, smell the forest’s scent on the breeze” and leave your stress behind.  Placing this oil in a diffuser creates the environment one would experience walking through nature…so valuable with the heatwave keeping us all indoors! This Fir brings comfort and a sense of familiarity to unfamiliar settings or situations.  Finally, she uplifts the spirit…definitely a “feel good” essential oil.

Common Properties
Of course, essential oils from Fir trees share many common properties, including anti-bacterial action, respiratory support, relief for sore or stiff muscles, and facilitating mental focus and clarity.

Essential oils from Citrus fruits also share many general healing properties, though each type of citrus (Orange, Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Bergamot) certainly has distinctive properties of its own.   Lemon is known for its antibacterial, antimicrobial, antispasmodic and antiseptic properties.  It is also an effective astringent, diuretic, and detoxifier.

So there you have it.  I hope that you are as excited to “meet” these beautiful new additions to our extensive line of essences as I was, and that you can get a sense of why we sometimes have two very similar-sounding oils….which they are, until you get to know them!

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Love, Audre Gutierrez
Owner, Wisdom of the Earth

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