Fir Douglas Essential Oil (Organic) from France


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Pseudotsuga menziesii var.menziesii

Country of Origin: France
Temp: Cool
Process: SD
Plant Part: Whole tree
Color: Soft green
Quality: Organic
Benefits: Immune system support, cold, flu, inflammation, wound/burn healing, fungus (athlete’s foot), mucus loosener, asthma, headache, liver/bladder/kidney aid, perspiration, joint pain, mouth sores, cough, sore throat.

Mellow…takes your anxiety or stress and says, “walk with me, smell the forest’s scent on the breeze” and leave your stress behind.  Placing this oil in a diffuser creates the environment one would experience walking through nature…so valuable with the heatwave keeping us all indoors! This Fir brings comfort and a sense of familiarity to unfamiliar settings or situations.


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