On a budget? Here are 21 pure essential oils under $20 that can address most common concerns.


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Wellness on a budget! 21 exquisite Wisdom of the Earth essential oils for $20 or less

Several years ago, I wrote a newsletter entitled 25 under $25 that became one of the most shared and requested articles ever.  With all of us feeling the pinch of inflation, I thought it would be a great time to review our list of over 250 essential oils and highlight those with a retail price of $20 or less.  It is good to know that, within this budget-conscious group, are oils that will help almost any common concern you can identify.

I will briefly summarize the healing properties of these essential oils, but know that, in general, each pure essential oil has many physical, emotional and spiritual uses, so these examples are not exhaustive.  Also, for reference, on average, a 15 ml bottle contains 450 drops of an essential oil (more if it is a very thin viscosity, less if it is a thicker viscosity), and a 5 ml bottle contains 150 drops.  

1.  Argan Oil (Moroccan) 15 ml $16   Argan oil (cold pressed from the fruit kernel of the Argan tree) has high Omega 6 and linoleic acid content, which helps reduce inflammation, soothe acne, minimize scars and stretch marks, and promote tissue regeneration. Argan contains carotenoids, which protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.
2. Birch, Sweet 5 ml $18  Anti-inflammatory. Relieves bone & muscle pain. Key essence for bursitis, arthritis, joint pain, stiffness, and restricted range of motion. Supports healthy blood pressure. Promotes endurance and strength. 
3.  Cassia 5 ml $17  This relative of Cinnamon is highly anti-viral/bacteria/fungal/microbial. Has anti-parasitic properties as well.  Chi warmer. Brings core issues to the surface quickly. Do a test patch! This is a hot essential oil that is best applied on the soles (bottoms) of the feet.
4.  Frankincense (boswellia neglecta) 5 ml $20  This variety of Frankincense comes from a tree that produces a unique black resin from which the oil is made.  Usually the resins range from golden to brown in color.  Anti-viral/bacterial/depressant/inflammatory. Addresses joint pain, range of motion.  Expansion of  the 6th & 7th Chakras. Inner strength.
5.  Galangal 5 ml $19  This less common essential oil has a range of wonderful properties, and is definitely worth a try if you haven’t done so before!   Anti-inflammatory, anti-septic. Relieves pain, muscle spasms, indigestion, and water retention. Used for skin infections, respiratory infections, inflammation of the large intestine, and stress. 
6.  Ginger 5 ml $18  A key essential oil for digestion issues. Promotes circulation. Chi warmer. Relieves sea & car sickness, nausea. Works to balance and enliven the third chakra. Emotionally, assists with resolve when you “don’t have the stomach” for something!
7.  Goldenrod 5 ml $19  Used for heart irregularities.  Alleviates symptoms of hay fever, sinus infections, vertigo (equilibrium). Serves as an insect repellent, soothes insect bites.
8.  Hyssop officinalis  5 ml $20  Anti-viral, expectorant – great in a steam inhalation.  Powerful essential oil for cold sores. Supports adrenals and alleviates emotions of angst, anger, grief, and shame. The Queen of Forgiveness, for ourselves and others. Emotionally and spiritually, helps us let go of our old stories so that we can write new ones. 
9.  Juniper Berry (Highland, Nepal – berries & branches)  5 ml $18  Used for nerve regeneration, kidney and liver support. Powerful blood purifier. Queen of the Central Nervous System (CNS). Fosters greater emotional and spiritual awareness.
10.  Lavender (Albanian) 5 ml $18  Wildcrafted and certified Organic in Albania. Intoxicatingly beautiful. Superb relaxant on all levels. One of the best Lavenders for sleeping. Used for infections, pain, burns & bruises, and insect bites.
11.  Lavender (Greece) 5 ml $20  Soothes bruises, and muscular aches/pains. Addresses inflammation of all types. Elegant, graceful aroma.  Harvested in the foothills of Mt. Parnassus, where the Oracle at Delphi was said to reside. Certified Organic.
12.  Leonardo’s Lavender (Bulgaria)  5 ml 17  Named in honor of my late husband, Leonardo Gutierrez, this beautiful lavender is excellent for soothing pain, facilitating deep sleep.  Calming yet uplifting. 10% of sales of this pure essential oil are donated each year in his name to a deserving animal rescue organization.
13.  Lavender, NW 5 ml $18   This beautiful lavender hails from Oregon.  Helps with nervous tension and migraines (especially when layered with one of our Peppermints or Marjorams). Supports scar & wound healing, hair growth, and scalp health. 
14.  Myrtle (Honey)  5 ml $20  This luscious Myrtle is artisan-farmed in Western Australia.  All myrtles assist the respiratory system, but this variety is known for its anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.  Uplifting, enchanting aroma.
15.  Oak Moss 5 ml $18  This is a thicker essential oil, and you may need to remove the plastic orifice reducer to fully access it.  As the volume in the bottle reduces, it is ok to warm the contents so that they will pour out by putting the oil bottle in a plastic baggie and submerging it in very hot water for several minutes.  Powerfully anti-fungal; soothes an agitated heart or mind.  Gently grounding amid chaos.
16.  Pine, Red 5 ml $19  This wonderful essential oil is my “go to” for muscle and joint pain, and is especially effective when layered with Sweet Birch or a Lavender essential oil.  Highly anti-bacterial and anti-viral.  Also soothes a wounded heart.
17.  Santolina (Lavender Cotton) 5 ml $18  Excellent for parasites (apply over the abdomen or on the soles of the feet) and support of the endocrine system.  Helps detoxify the gall bladder and kidneys.
18.  Savory (Mountain) 5 ml $17 A very hot essence, best applied to the soles of the feet.  Powerful anti-viral essential oil, supports the immune system.  
19.  Spruce, Blue 5 ml $19  Incredibly beautiful scent!  This lovely Spruce can be applied over the Throat Chakra to support speaking your truth and standing up for yourself.  Anti-inflammatory, good for lower back pain.  
20.  Spruce, Norway 5 ml $18  My “go to” for any Covid-like symptoms; great for steam inhalation use, as well as topical application behind the ears, over the chest or on the throat.  Anti-viral, natural cortisone, immune system support.
21.  Thyme, Spike  5 ml $18  Highly anti-viral/bacterial/fungal/parasitic. Supports us to release our outdated beliefs and be open to other perspectives. Strengthens the immune system. Hot essence, so apply carefully to the soles of the feet. 

And there you have it!  Respiratory, digestive, integumentary, musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, cardio-vascular, immune…so many wonderful healing attributes for various systems of the body associated with this small group of oils.  And, the affordable price point offers a great opportunity to purchase something that looks enticing, but that you have never tried before.


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