Diffused Essential Oils Shown to Significantly Improve Memory & Olfactory Ability


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We have been teaching about essential oils to improve memory for years…new research dramatically confirms their positive effect!

A recent study published in the July 2023 issue of Frontiers in Neuroscience clearly demonstrates the positive effect of essential oils on cognition, specifically cognitive (memory) loss in older adults, and the need for inexpensive, effective, in-home treatments.  Here is a link to the full, comprehensive study, but the findings affirm the value of essential oils in two very important ways:  Diffusion of an essential oil at night significantly improved the performance of the study participants (226% improvement) on the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test, and also improved olfactory ability (identification, discrimination and threshold). 

A couple of other interesting references in the report included results in another study that found that using single essential oils/odorants had significantly better results than using essential oil/odorant mixtures;  other research findings confirmed the beneficial effect of increased duration of exposure to the essential oil (the reported study used only 2 hours per night of diffuser activity), increased concentration of the essential oil, and increased number of essential oils (used individually – the diversity of oils used was beneficial). 

In the University of California study, 7 essential oil types were used:  Rose, Orange, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary and Lavender.  A previous study had recommended using four types of essential oils –  resinous, floral, fruity and aromatic (by which they probably meant a highly intense or distinctive aroma, since all essential oils are aromatic).  So the only type not represented in the selection used in the current study was resinous, such as Myrrh, Red Pine or Frankincense. I was actually surprised that a conifer was not used, since it is such a common and recognizable aroma (and many are resinous).

A point that is key, and that could be missed in the discussion of memory improvement, is the improvement in olfactory ability (the ability to smell).  This is important for several reasons.  Covid has affected the sense of smell in thousands, if not millions, of people.  For some, like me, it was very temporary.  For others, it has been a permanent loss.  Another reason, of which I was unaware, is that olfactory ability…or the loss or decline thereof…is related to cognitive ability. Studies have shown that a decline or loss of olfactory ability signals a subsequent decline in cognitive ability.  So the researchers involved in this study emphasized that significant improvement in olfactory ability (which the study showed) can help maintain or improve cognitive ability…a compelling reason to use essential oils in a diffuser to help prevent cognitive decline.

So….single, pure essences used individually, but changed daily or every other day, diffused overnight enhances sleep, and improves cognition and olfactory ability.  Pretty powerful, exciting information, and easily done at home.   Please note:  In the list of oils used in the study listed above, I have provided a link to the essential oil we offer in that category that I feel has the strongest aroma, in deference to the earlier cited finding that the more “concentrated” oils performed better. 

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