Welcoming the Seasonal Shifts and Earth’s Breath

Greetings WOTE Family,

We find ourselves, once again, in the mid-point between Spring Equinox
and Summer Solstice. During this in-between time, the flowers start to bloom
releasing the energies of the plant devas skyward towards the sun.  Isn’t that a beautiful image? 

With all the flurry of activity on the earth, many of us are experiencing spring allergies. The essences I use to keep me balanced and allergy-free are black cumin, inula graveolens, magnolia blossom, and helichrysum gymno. I take about 10-15 drops of black cumin daily and anoint myself with magnolia, inula, and helichrysum around my ears and under my nose. This allows me to breathe deeply, calm my nervous system, and connect to the earth as she moves towards summer. I also spray my eyes with our beautiful helichrysum hydrolat. It helps keep the eye itches at bay. When I first arrived in Arizona, I had terrible allergies. Over the years, I have been practically allergy-free with the help of the essences. What a relief!

On another note… So much has been happening here at WOTE.   In February, I taught at a Goddess Getaway retreat with Anne Peterson and the The Goddess Living Community. I also presented at an Earth Origins VI conference in April.

And now I am involved in a big project that I feel you should really be a part of. It’s an online event for the truth warriors / free thinkers / freedom lovers / visionaries that live outside the “norm,” to CREATE REAL COMMUNITY with the uncommon allies who trust themselves, embody their autonomy, and harness the internal power to create – as we are the ones who start the revolution. 

  Mellisa and I had a stimulating and profound conversation about the magic healing benefits of using essential oils and being connected to the Plant Kingdom. My conversation with Mellisa is set to come live on May 10.  Listen to my interview using the link below.

Listen to this now

WOTE will be hosting a Pre-Mother’s Day Open House on Friday, May 10th from 4-6pm. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop and smell some of our intoxicating blossom essences. Check out our flyer for details.

Upcoming Events

Check our website for additional classes and information.

May this season allow the breath of your soul to commune with the energetic
ascension as our flower blossoms bloom and reach for the sun and stars. 

From deep within the mysteries,

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