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Happy New Year to our Wisdom of the Earth Friends and Family!

Greeting 2024 with positivity and perspective

We are currently running a series of posts on our Facebook Page about positivity.  My first offering was Laurel Leaf, as I associate positivity with positive action, in addition  to positive thinking.  Our thought was to focus on the importance of shifting the mood from worry, due to the many issues that are in the news that cause (legitimately) angst and concern, to positivity.  Whether it is the climate, the situation in Gaza, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the political unrest in the US...and so many more...we can support our own health within this stressful context by focusing on what we personally can and cannot change, and act accordingly.

We can focus on our thoughts, conversations and efforts, and how they support community and constructive action and not frustration or division. After all, we can only control our own actions, not those of others. Laurel Leaf inspires leadership rooted in integrity and the ability to speak from our own truth without disrespecting the truth of another.  She is quite an ally in helping be a positive influence.  A few drops of Laurel over the heart, the throat chakra, or on the bottoms of the feet helps shape your day and your energy in an incredibly positive way.

Geranium is a beautiful essential oil known for helping with transitions and "new beginnings".  If you feel somewhat "swept along" with changes in your life instead of feeling more in control, she is your girl.  She is a wonderful one to put on first thing in the morning to start the day with an upbeat outlook...she is kind of the "rose-colored glasses" of essential oils.  She will, with ongoing use, help your perspective to be one of constructive focus and gratitude for all that is good in your life.  Geranium just veers you away from "the doldrums" of winter or the "down" feeling of a  disappointment to counting your blessings and enjoying the beauty of this season of replenishment in anticipation of Spring.  Start making plans for projects or activities for the upcoming seasons.  Proactivity can shift a mood quicker than anything else.

We are going to explore other essential oils that support positivity over the coming weeks on our Facebook Page...suggestions from our wonderful team at Wisdom of the Earth.  So check in and learn about our favorites, and feel free to share some of your own in the comments section!

Meet the WOTE Team!

Maybe you, like me, are still enjoying yummy gifts from family and friends.  Before starting this newsletter, I enjoyed some lovely Swedish gingersnaps with a hot cup of flavored coffee, gifts from Susie (who was my "secret Santa" at our Holiday lunch).  She is our Senior Sacred Pourer, whom you will meet shortly, if you don't already know her, as I am using this edition of Words of Wisdom to introduce the incredible staff who make up the "home office" of Wisdom of the Earth. They work diligently every day to answer your questions, fill your orders, and collaborate as a team to cover for each other when absences occur.


From left to right, Susie: Sacred Pourer & Inventory Management; Laura (Smokey): IT, Label Production, and Admin support to me; Darlene: Order Processing, Customer Service & Social Media; Maija: Order Processing and all-around Office Support; Melissa: Packing Station and Supplies Coordinator; Cynthia Olivera: Master Aromatherapist & Education Director, Liaison with Master Distributors and WOTE Level 1 Teachers of our Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification Class, and Office Management; and upper right, Bronlin: Sacred Pourer, Inventory Management and all-around helper with Facility issues; and me, Audre Gutierrez, Master Aromatherapist and proud owner of Wisdom of the Earth, Executive Management, Sourcing of all of our exquisite Essential Oils & Hydrolats, and "She Who Sets The Tone".

Visit the WOTE Team page, under the About section of our website to learn a little more about each of them in their own words.

If you are visiting or live near the Cornville/Sedona, AZ area, please stop by and get to know us, and experience our incredible tester bar.  You will leave feeling like you are walking on air and smell great, too!

Free Lunch and Learn Zoom offering Wednesday, January 31st, 12-1 pm AZ time (MST). Cynthia and I will be teaching about the Eucalyptus family, which is so great for the respiratory system, and Black Cumin, which offers excellent support for the immune system.  Please have at least one Eucalyptus and Black Cumin with you for the class, if possible.  Email Cynthia ([email protected]) to receive an invitation link to the Zoom event.

LEVEL I Certification:
  Cynthia Olivera, our Education Director, and I will be offering two Level I Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification Classes in 2024:  A Zoom Level I, April 4-5 and an in-person offering September 19-20 at the WOTE office in Cornville, AZ, just outside of beautiful Sedona.

A beautiful, custom made set of three Level I AromaKits is required for the November Zoom offering; the cost is $300 (student pricing) for 45 1-2 ml essences, including Rose, Heichrysum and Neroli, and allows all participants to experience the key essences studied in the course and used in the ceremonies.  In the in-person class, the full tester bar is available for the class.

Our Level 1 class, whether in person or via Zoom, is $625, which can be spread over a couple of payments, if needed.

Please call Cynthia at 928-649-9968, or email her at [email protected], with any questions, or to register.  We would love to have you join us on this deep journey into the healing power and beauty of Mother Earth.

LEVEL II Certification:  Calling all Certified Level I students!  Do you want to take your relationship with the plants & trees to a whole different level?  Are you interested in becoming a more integral part of Wisdom of the Earth (i.e., a Master Distributor or Teacher of our Level I Certification class)? If so, Level II WOTE Certification is the next step of your journey toward that goal!

We have a Zoom Level II scheduled for December 2-6, 2024.  We are working to find a lovely location for an in-person Level II, and will announce those dates on the website as soon as the location is finalized.  Tuition for the Zoom Level II Advanced class is $2800, which includes the Level II AromaKit Set (three kits of 15 2 ml oils in each) which allows participants to experience the essences taught about in the Retreat. Tuition for the in-person Retreat is $2,500. Tuitions can be paid in installments, if needed.

Please call the office (928-649-9968) and ask for Cynthia or me if you have questions or would like to register for the Zoom offering.  Also, we have created an "interest list" for those who wish to be notified when we have the in-person Level II dates established, so let us know if you would like to be added to that list..

In addition to our classes, please check our website for additional offerings from our wonderful WOTE Teachers. The home page shows upcoming classes, including the Level I Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification Class and other special, related offerings.  Offerings scheduled farther out into the calendar are shown in the Classes section of the website.  Wisdom of the Earth educational offerings are updated frequently, so please check back if you are interested in joining us in our advanced exploration of how pure essential oils benefit the body, mind and spirit.

Thanks for reading, and for being a part of Wisdom of the Earth! Your comments re this newsletter or any aspect of aromatherapy in your life are always welcome.

Love, Audre Gutierrez
Owner, Wisdom of the Earth



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