Limited Time Offer On Wisdom Of The Earth Products That Mom Will Love!

Limited Time Offer On Wisdom Of The Earth Products That Mom Will Love!

Celebrate Motherhood with beautiful products from Mother Earth Herself...natural, powerful, and hand-poured with love.

Every year, many of our customers purchase oils or hydrolats that are their Mom's favorite for Mother's Day.  We have many oils that are chosen time and time again:  Violet (Absolute), Rose, Lavender (we have many to choose from!) and Frankincense come to mind...but your mom, wife or mother figure (I had a special aunt I always honored as well) may have a different favorite.  Our hydrolats are also extremely popular as gifts:  Neroli, Rose, Sweet Grass and Helichrysum stand out, but I also love our unique offering of artisan distilled Redwood, more for its amazing energy than its subtle aroma. Our Cucumber and Cistus hydrolats are incredible for facial care, so those are quite popular around Mother's Day, as well.

Something we uniquely offer are beautiful AromaKits...custom made fabric holders which contain 2ml bottles of up to 15 essential oils.  Some of the female favorites are Scent of a Woman (which I designed with my female clients' interests and needs in mind); My Favorite Things, which is a great introduction to WOTE oils and contains a selection of our top-selling essences that have definitely stood the test of time; and Chakra Balance, which contains two essences for balancing and supporting each Chakra, and then Geranium, the great harmonizer, which balances the Chakra system as a whole.  Every AromaKit comes with a Guide, which describes the intention of the Kit and how each essence supports that intention.  Take a look at the variety of AromaKits we have to offer and see if one speaks to you as "perfect" for your mom.

Finally, for the Lavender lover, we have our Lavenders from Around the World Collection. Featuring 7  Lavenders from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, France (lowland and highland), and the US, it comes with a beautiful brochure which describes each essence and is in a lovely purple gift bag.  Click on the link to learn more about this special Collection.

These are some of the "standouts" from years past...and there are many other options as well.  Take a little tour of our site...we also offer Aromatherapy Consultations with either Cynthia Olivera or me (Audre), Gift Certificates, and Pendulums.  These will also be eligible for the 10% discount described below.

To place your special Mother's Day order, Wisdom of the Earth is offering a 10% off Coupon (not to be combined with any other discount) on all products purchased between now and midnight on Monday, May 2nd.  With shipping as erratic as it has been, and since Mother's Day is celebrated on a Sunday, we want to have everything targeted for Mothers Day in the mail by Tuesday May 3rd.

The coupon (below) can only be used in the e-commerce store on

Please use coupon code   mother earth  when you check out, and 10% will be deducted from your order.

Wishing a special and beautiful Mother's Day to all who have known the wonder and joy of raising a child...yes, and the sleepless nights as well!  Being a parent is a special gift, and one that I believe teaches you the true meaning of love.

Love, Audre Gutierrez
Owner, Wisdom of the Earth

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