Wisdom of the Earth Speaks…The Truth about Medicinal Aromatherapy




Wisdom of the Earth Speaks….The Truth about Medicinal Aromatherapy
By Barry B. Kapp

A philosophical overview of the importance of the Plant Kingdom in our lives and how to use Medicinal Aromatherapy for addressing all conditions we experience – spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Wisdom of the Earth Speaks addresses 12 major points, or “Truths”, that explore how humans relate to the natural world, within the context of Medicinal Aromatherapy.  Some of the points include “Medicinal Aromatherapy is the Original Medicine of the Planet”, “Medicinal Aromatherapy Brings Harmony and Peace”, and “Medicinal Aromatherapy Reminds Us How To Listen to the Trees and Plants, and Follow Their Guidance.”

There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section, and a section on Medicinal Angels…profiles of over 30 pure plant essences, including Frankincense, Laurel Leaf, Rhododendron, Wild Chamomile and Vetiver.


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