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There are as many reasons to work with the essences as there are people.  Everyone is different, every story is different…and that’s what makes life interesting!  I do know, however, that there is literally no situation or condition or desire that can’t be supported by the Plants & Trees.

The process…I use a combination of my deep knowledge of and experience with plant and tree essences, my years of coaching and counseling experience, and my desire and ability to TRULY listen, to assist you in determining how to approach your situation using essential oils.  We jointly develop a game plan for writing a new chapter in your life…one in which you are the main character, and identify essences that will support that plan and move it forward.  I consider your needs, your preferences and your budget in determining which essences to recommend, both for the short and long term.

Consultations can be done in person or long-distance, communicating by phone or via the Internet.  Using Skype or other video-based system works beautifully, and I am always amazed and heartened at the depth of a connection that can be made in any of these ways.

Consultations are billed on the basis of the actual time spent, with a minimum charge of 30 minutes.  My base rate is $150 per hour, plus applicable sales tax.  Any essences purchased at the conclusion of the consultation are additional.

Once I am notified that you have purchased a consultation, I will be in touch by phone or email to set up a mutually convenient time and format.

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