Level I Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification With Audre And Cynthia (In Person)



Learn the Ancient Art of Plant and Tree Medicine You will learn to understand plant consciousness and the relationship between humans and the plant kingdom. You will also experience over 70 hand-poured essential oils. When working with these beautiful devas, you develop a heightened intuitive ability to intuit what you need on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. A wide range of application methods from the auricular method to the cold-hot-cold technique is taught. Several meditations are included to reinforce the connection with the unseen world and the wisdom it imparts. We will have testers of the essences covered in the class available on-site, however, due to the popularity of the Level 1 AromaKits used in the Zoom classes, we are offering those at a substantial discount for students in the in-person classes should you wish to purchase them at registration.


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