12 Days of Christmas Bundle




Priced individually
Cardamon Seed, Green $23
Fir, Grand $30
Frankincense (Somalia) $24
Juniper Berry (Albania) $22
Laurel Leaf $21
Lavender (Albania) $21
Myrrh $25
Peppermint (US) $21
Pine, Red $22
Rosemary, Verbenone $21
Spruce, Blue $22
Ylang Ylang $21

1 – Cardamon Seed (Green)
Gorgeous aroma! ’Tis the season for decadent holiday foods and beverages. This essence relieves heartburn, gas, vomiting, circulation, anorexia, and intestinal parasites. Nervine, aphrodisiac, heart tonic, Chi warmer. Restores strength. Opens the heart to deeper levels of love.
2 – Fir, Grand
This gorgeous evergreen conifer is a familiar scent during the holidays. Boost your immune system when your schedule and emotions can go into overdrive! Fir Grand relieves colds, flu, fever, infections, arthritis/joint pain, sore throat, gum issues, asthma, anxiety, and confusion. Laxative, stomach aid. Helps you achieve mental clarity and calmness. Encourages strength and courage to be your greatest You.
3 – Frankincense (Somalia)
Perhaps the most famous of Christmas essences due to the story of the Magi gifting this precious Deva to the Christ child, the scent of Frankincense is used in incense form in many places of worship. Steam distilled from the gum resin. Offers many benefits including being anti-viral/bacterial/inflammatory. Relieves holiday season depression. Expands 6th&7th Chakras.
4 – Juniper Berry (Albania)
A highly versatile essence to have year-round, but especially during the frenzy of the holidays, this purifying essence is used for gout, heartburn, fluid retention, rashes, eczema, nausea, and vomiting.
5 – Laurel Leaf
Bringing to mind a wreath garland of Laurel Leaf, this go-to essence supports courage, heroism, and stamina. Who doesn’t need more stamina during the holidays? Gorgeous aroma! Anti-viral/bacterial/fungal. Used for hypotension and supports a healthy lymphatic system.
6 – Lavender (Albania)
Stress reduction assistance is here! Intoxicatingly beautiful. Superb relaxant, from physical to emotional. One of the best Lavenders for sleeping. Also great to have in the kitchen in case one of the cooks gets a little burn in the hustle and bustle of holiday cooking. If you get a burn, reach for this Lavender for instant relief and healing.
7 – Myrrh
Myrrh’s intriguing history takes us back… The name “Myrofores” designates the Myrrh-bearing women who went to the tomb of Jesus Christ early on the first day of the week to complete the burial rites, making this essence of resin tears valuable. Highly anti-viral, releases emotional trauma, and is grounding.
8 – Peppermint (US)
Candy canes and other minty holiday treats celebrate the zing of peppermint. This powerful essence is a coolant, anti-spasmodic, and helps with nausea. Increase your energy and gain mental clarity amid the chaos of events outside your normal routine with the help of Peppermint.
9 – Pine, Red
Who needs help with adrenals during the holidays? This essence offers a myriad of benefits to keep you going strong, including combatting strep and staph infections, respiratory issues, and muscle and joint pain. Anti-viral/bacterial, this essence helps keep you healthy and strong.
10 – Rosemary, Verbenone
A staff favorite at Wisdom of the Earth, this essence balances hormones. Strengthens memory, supports the respiratory system. Whole body/mind/spirit harmonizer. Broad spectrum Deva. Remember who you are. The scent is intoxicating and reminds us of the wonderful spices used in rich holiday meals.
11 – Spruce, Blue
The scent of a real Christmas tree! Anti-viral/bacterial/inflammatory. Natural cortisone. Grounding and centering. Opens the throat chakra, awesome spirit friend, angel awareness.
12 – Ylang Ylang
A stunning scent heralding the season of the Heart, caring for people. Anti-depressant, aphrodisiac, nervine, body regenerator, and uplifting. Gently euphoric, yet relaxing. Supports blood pressure balance. Calms while it disinfects. Strengthens the heart andcentral nervoussystem.Sensual. Peace-filledrest.
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Purchase all 12 for $273 + $18 shipping (US) and receive a FREE 5ml of our new Frankincense (Rare Black) $20 value. All essences can be ordered separately. Offer good until Jan. 6, 2023.

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