My Favorite Things…Our Most Popular Essential Oils…Are Your Faves Here?

My Favorite Things...Our Most Popular Essential Oils...Are Your Faves Here?

Raindrops on Roses...

bet most of you know what comes after that phrase "Raindrops on Roses"...."And Whiskers on Kittens", of course.  I may be dating myself, but I can easily sing the complete lyrics to "My Favorite Things", and I bet that many of you can, too!  I have always thought that the phrase "Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings" is one of the prettiest lines in music.  So when my husband, Leonardo, suggested I create an AromaKit with the essential oils that are most popular with our clients, I immediately knew that I wanted to do it, and that I had to name it "My Favorite Things".

So many times, people ask me what my favorite essential oil is; Laurel Leaf has always been so special to me that I would have to say that She still holds that place in my heart.  I also see that many people fall in love with the oils, and want to share their favorites as gifts for friends and family, hoping they will fall in love with them, too.  So the idea of offering a collection of essences that are requested over and over again was kind of intriguing to me, and I think that the 15 that make up the kit have definitely stood the test of time, and appeal to a wide range of people for their aroma, their effectiveness and/or their cultural importance.

So, ta-da!  Here are a few of my favorite things!

Basil, Sweet:  People love how she can make a headache vanish within minutes, and soothe aching, tense muscles.  She is amazing for an upset stomach, too.  But how many people know that she can facilitate accessing past life memories and the collective consciousness?  Her aroma is sweet, spicy and tantalizing.

Cardamom, Green:  She will touch your heart...and it is a healing touch, whether your disharmony is emotional, spiritual or physical.  I have used her to restore regular heartbeat after experiencing "racing heart" or strong heart palpitations.  Since Leos (which I am) tend to experience their pain, worry or physical disharmony in the heart, I am never without my Green Cardamom.  She is wonderful for digestion, and is a gentle chi mover.  Green Cardamom also has a warming quality...she can warm a heart that has grown cold due to rejection, fear, disappointment, betrayal.  Her mantra is...Live Life to the Fullest!  No one can take that away from you but YOU.

Cedarwood, Himalayan:  Her "claim to fame" is as a tonic for the adrenals...about 10 drops of her over your adrenals will start your day with energy and focus.  She is definitely an attractor, with a sweet, woody aroma that will have people asking you "Wow!  What do you have on?"

Cornmint:  This little gem was almost singlehandedly put on the "aromatherapy map" by Wisdom of the Earth.  We fell in love with her, and now she is one of our most popular essences.  Why?  She is incredibly penetrating, and highly anti-inflammatory.  So...she is naturally effective for deep muscle and joint areas like hips and shoulders....going to work and lifting the pain like the sun burning off clouds.  Her mantra is Dig Deep and Be Patient!

Eucalyptus, Gully Gum:  This beauty is one of the most gentle of the eucalyptus offerings we have...but it is more of a gentleness on the skin rather than a gentleness on bacteria or viruses!  Those she goes to work on!  So, she is a great choice if your toddler has a cold, or your nose is raw from blowing it...she has a tender kind of healing that really resonates when you are feeling worn down from being "under the weather".

Frankincense:  This ancient powerhouse has stood the test of time because of her ability to bring us to a sacred place amidst the turmoil or busyness that surrounds us.  She is a blessing to the brain...use her for memory, clarity, and addressing functional disharmony/damage.  She will help you triumph over procrastination or inaction due to overwhelm or worry.  Her mantra is Fortune Favors the Bold!

Laurel Leaf:  A giver of courage, valor.  She brings out the best in us, on every level of being.  She detoxifies our body, our environment, our emotions.  Laurel Leaf supports the digestive process, and is excellent for respiratory congestion.  She is the Queen of Authenticity....and will make you realize the toll that living for others instead of yourself takes on your energy and your health.  Be your best self for YOUR self, and then out to those you love.

Lavender, Fine:  This beauty covers all of the traditional "bases" that lavender is known for....amazing for burns, bruises, scrapes and pain.  Many use her for restful sleep, and her anti-inflammatory properties make her a great partner with Cornmint, Frankincense, and Pine, Red.  She infuses us with the conscious reality that "we are all one."

Lemon, Green Cedro:  For clarity and illumination, this amazing essence can't be beat.  Best used on the soles of the feet, this citrus essential oil offers anti-viral and anti-bacterial support second to none.  A student who recently chose to write on Lemon for her Level 1 paper dubbed her "The Master of Disguise" to do just about anything you request of her, from addressing bed bugs to disinfecting your kitchen and bathroom surfaces.  An unsung, affordable heroine!

Lemongrass, Indian:  The grasses have so much to offer us...their purifying, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties are legendary.  She helps us find our center of gravity, and be resilient, when life tries to knock us down.  Lemongrass reminds us of our deep connection, like her own, to Mother Earth.

Orange, Blood Red (Italy):  This gorgeous essence is one of our most popular...her aroma is intoxicating, and she fills us with joy.  What is not to love about that?  She supports digestion and is a natural diuretic.  Made from the rind of the fruit, she is all about protection and knowing that all is unfolding exactly as it should.

Pine, Red:  This beautiful conifer essence became a favorite of mine many years ago!  Conifers offer stability, grounding and centering, due to their extensive root system.  Because of their height, they offer we see the big picture, or the long view, when we are assessing a choice or situation.  She is very popular with those who need relief from joint or muscle pain, and is also helpful for heart/emotional pain.

Rosemary, cineole:  Rosemary is one of the mainstays of aromatherapists all over the world.  Her versatility is highly valued, so explore with her!  She is highly anti-parasitic (while also gentle on the skin, unlike many other anti-parasitic choices, like Oregano) and on a spiritual level, she wards off "drainers" and narcissists, who can breech most boundaries we define.

Spikenard:  This ancient essence, known for its highly sedating and anti-fungal properties, is also known as the gateway to the unseen world and the natural world.  She is very sedating, and promotes deep sleep...and the ensuing dreams which guide and enlighten us.

Ylang Ylang:  One of our most popular flower blossom essences, Ylang Ylang is sweet, sensual and heart-opening.  She fosters self-love, in the most generous ad spiritual sense of that word.   She pairs beautifully with Green Cardamom to assuage heart-beat irregularities.  Her beautiful, exotic golden color ignites our inner light, offering a glow from within that attracts others of like mind and heart.

So, there you have it!  An amazing assortment of essences that supports us, transforms us and provides an aromatic journey sure to please most anyone.

The My Favorite Things AromaKit, which offers these 15 essences in the 2 ml size,  is now available for $125.  As an introductory offer, I will pick up the $9 S&H for the next 30 if you order before January 20th, I will ship it for free.  I have also been asked if these can be purchased in their regular size as a "kit".  I am happy to do that, and have some lovely cases that hold up to 30 regular sized essences, if you would like them in a holder.  Please contact me for pricing, if you want the fabric holder included.  I will also pick up the S&H ($17) on the regular-sized bottles set (before January 20th).

I am in the process of adding this new AromaKit to my website, so if you don't see it in my On-Line store,  please contact me directly by email or cell:  928-300-5090 to place your order.

Wishing everyone a lovely Solstice and a peaceful and love-filled holiday season!

Blessings, Audre

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