Lavenders Around The World

Introducing our Lavenders Around the World Collection

Recently, I discovered an amazing lavender producer in Greece…I was wracking my brain trying to figure out how I could include his magnificent essential oil in Wisdom of the Earth’s already robust offerings of Lavenders & Lavandins (at that time, already 10 in number)…do I replace a current offering with it when the stock runs out?  Do I add it to the “line up”…if so, how do I distinguish it from the others?  I had been excited to learn that more countries with excellent growing conditions and farming cultures were making quite a name for themselves in the Aromatherapy World due to the high quality of their Lavenders. So I decided to introduce them to our students and clients as just that…exciting new offerings from wonderful, heart-based farmers around the world who love what they do and conduct their farming and their business dealings with heart and integrity.

And, voila, the Lavenders Around the World Collection was born.  It is a combination of new and current offerings, with the emphasis on Country of Origin.  Wisdom of the Earth already was known for our Highland Lavender, hand-gathered at three elevations atop Mt. de Cheiron in France…a rare offering from a wonderful producer whom we had met over 20 years ago.  Like our Highland Lavender, each of these offerings has a story about the land the the people who farm it.   I am proud to share a little about each of these beauties, old and new.

1.  Lavender, Albania (lavandula angustifolia):  We have offered this gorgeous, “old fashioned” lavender (yes, this IS your grandmother’s lavender) for years, and it never fails to enchant me.  I love her for her calming “grandmotherly hug” effect…so important now with the chaos and uncertainty we are all living with.  Intoxicating, soothing, healing she says: I am here for you.  $46 15 ml, $322 120 ml

2.  Lavender, Bulgaria (lavandula angustifolia):  This essential oil hails from the Northeastern part of Bulgaria, where families have had traditions in agriculture for generations, and, according to my farmer, have a genuine feeling of “romanticism” about embracing country life and feel close to their ancestors.  This beautiful lavender is excellent for calming…including panic attacks, has strong anti-inflammatory properties and helps one cope with overwhelm.   All will be well, she says.  $39 15 ml, $273 120 ml

3.  Lavender, France – Drome Valley (lavandula angustifolia):  This essential oil, known as Fine Lavender, has long been a staple of WOTE’s lavenders.  She is as multi-purpose as they come…insect bites, burns, bruises, rashes, headaches, inflammation, muscle pain, stress, high blood pressure…alleviating the effects of these and more are the purview of this powerful beauty.  She says I am family; we are one.  $33 15 ml, $231 120 ml

4.  Lavender, Highland (1400 meters) – France (lavandula angustifolia):  One of the signature offerings of Wisdom of the Earth, this essence is about as “un-commercial” as you can get.  We have visited the mountain top where this lavender grows wild among the rocks, and have seen it harvested with a hand-held scythe.  Her gentleness and high vibration attributable to her high altitude origin makes her perfect to work with elders, babies and the vulnerable.  She helps us to see the “big picture” and the “perfect order of things” when “eye-level” perspective only brings pain or worry.  She says:  Come soar with me and see the tender beauty of our world. $65 15 ml, $455 120 ml

5.  Lavender, Spike – Spain (lavandula latifolia/spica):  Spain is know for a climate and soil that produces some of the finest Spike Lavender available.  These factors, along with the decades of experience and recognized reputation for care and quality represented in this father and son farming team, make our Certified Organic Spike Lavender one of the stars of our Lavender lineup.  Known to relieve muscle pain, she is also highly uplifting to the spirits, calming to the central nervous system, and excellent to layer with any Eucalyptus for respiratory conditions due to her characteristic camphor content.  Spike Lavender helps us to remember that:  Pain brings to the surface our thoughts and feelings that need loving attention.  $36 15 ml, $252 120 ml

6.  Lavender, Greece (lavandula angustifolia):  These lavender fields are located near the foothills of Mt. Parnassus, notable home of the ancient Oracle at Delphi.  Within this mystical energy and lush green environment, clusters of small lavender fields thrive in crisp, clean mountain air.  The combination of the pristine environment, the small-scale production, the intense sunlight, dry micro-climate of the region and naturally rich soil are ingredients that create the incredible aroma, properties and vibration of our Greek Lavender.  Highly effective for pain relief, she has a serious emotional/spiritual side as well.  Her message:  Giving and receiving, in balance, is the secret to living from the heart.  $50 15 ml, $350 120 ml

7.  Lavender, NW – Oregon (lavandula angustifolia):  We are happy to welcome back a US-produced lavender!  We have been without our NW Lavender for years, and I am extremely happy with this find…grown near Mt. Hood.  She is a calmer for the central nervous system, addresses insomnia and helps with nervous tension and migraines.  I call her the Queen of Contentment!  She shares:  I am welcoming and honoring of those who seek my gifts; Namaste.  $47 15 ml, $329 120 ml

You may purchase them individually from my online-store or purchase all seven of them (15 ml size) at a special Collection price of $295 (versus $316 if purchased individually).

I hope you are as excited about this collection as I am!  It really demonstrates the different energies and fragrances that characterize the offerings from different countries; but at their heart, they are all Lavenders, and that is their beautiful commonality.

**************************************************************************************************** With that reference, I will briefly turn to some very sad, personal news that I wish to share here.  It may feel a little odd in this context, but when you get to the end, you will see the connection. 

On December 28th, my precious husband, Leonardo, passed away at home after spending 13 days in the hospital.  He was struggling to recover from the 10th bout of pneumonia he’d experienced as an adult, but this time, it was just not meant to be.  I have accepted that his health had been declining more than he had let on to me, and that it is, in fact, a blessing that he is no longer in constant pain and dealing with, among other things, a very compromised respiratory system. 

For those of you who knew him, you will know that I do not exaggerate when I say he was one of the sweetest people to ever walk this earth.  I was blessed to be his wife for 12 years. He loved the oils as much as I do, and was an integral part of Wisdom of the Earth. I want to share a beautiful personal thing that he said to me a month or so before he passed.  I was telling him how he made me happy, how he cheered me up in difficult times, and how he soothed me when I was upset or worried.  He looked at me with that sweet little smile he had and said, “I’m your Lavender!”  And I said, “Yes, honey, you absolutely are.” 

Until we meet again.

Leonard Rueben Gutierrez 1958 – 2020


  1. Maria on January 27, 2022 at 6:21 pm

    I just heard about this website and company today and am honored to have been able to read this dedication to your husband. Thank you for your vulnerability. It has been just over a year since you wrote this post and I do hope you have found comfort among loved ones and from the oils you love. Appreciated reading the information and personal statements from each of the lavender varieties. Thank you.

    • Audre Gutierrez on March 28, 2022 at 5:25 pm

      I just saw this comment, and want to thank you for your kind words. It has been a hard year+ since his passing, but he always was my greatest “cheerleader”, and I know he continues to cheer me on and support me in all that I do. Glad you found the info about some of our lavenders of interest! This collection really proves that there is actually great variety (as well as great commonality) among various pure lavenders.

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