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Thousands of visitors come to my "adopted" home of Sedona/The Verde Valley, AZ each year to be inspired by the beauty of the red rocks and the expansive and amazing views, connect more deeply to nature, and to access the world-famous energy of the vortexes -- “swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation, and self-exploration” here. (This definition appears in the website). Many come seeking transformation...personal, of their life circumstances, etc.  They are looking for something so profound that it is literally life-changing.

Many years ago my family and I vacationed in Sedona on a "whim", and I was "hooked". Many years later, I decided to make the area my home, and Wisdom of the Earth is blessed to be located just a few minutes away in the nearby town of Cornville, AZ, which has its own special "greenbelt" beauty.

Recently, we at WOTE decided to delve more deeply in the almost universal ability of Sedona to inspire people...and to celebrate the very special nature of this area.  We designed an AromaKit called the Spirit of Sedona, and paired it with pendulums using crystals that reflected the colors, energetic and healing properties of this magical land.

The fifteen 2 ml essential oils included in the AromaKit are:  Cedarwood (Red); Cypress (AZ); Fir (Cork Bark) from the sacred San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff; Fir (White) from AZ; Goldenrod; Juniper Berry; Juniper Needle, Lavandin (Grosso); Lavender, US; Orange (Blood); Pine (Pinon) from the "4 Corners" region; Pine (Ponderosa - Cones Only) from the "4 Corners" region; Rosemary (High-Camphor); Sage (White); and Sage (Purple) from the  US Southwest.

The accompanying Pendulum has a Red Jasper, Mahogany Obsidian, or Carnelian point with accent stones and holder; due to limited quantities, we cannot honor requests for particular stones for the pendulum.  

Here are some of the essential oil qualities represented in this AromaKit:

Cedarwood (Red) - This essence symbolizes the vibrancy of Sedona -- full of energy and life, she bestows this gift upon you.   If you have felt stagnant, sluggish or weary, she will renew your delight in life.  She is uplifting, inspiring and energizing to body, mind and spirit.

Goldenrod - Her botanical name is Solidago Canadensis, solidago meaning to strengthen or make whole.  She gathers the fragments of our life...our efforts, our dreams and our memories, and supports us in making the "whole" a beautiful, unique coming together of these parts.  She drives the last vestige of fear from our hearts, and allows us to embrace the unknown, the unnamed and the unanticipated...jumping, as it were, from the towering red rocks and finding that we can FLY.

Sage (White) - Sedona, a place where prayers are offered to Father Sky, where old hurts and beliefs that no longer serve are released, and new dreams are invited in.  White Sage is known for purification,  transformation and creation...thus being the perfect ally in these spiritual practices.

An example of the pendulum qualities shows how aligned these stones are with the special nature of the Sedona area:  Red Jasper - Calls forth emotional fortitude, self-confidence and increases general vibratory frequency.  Certainly helpful in self-discovery and transformation!   Your AromaKit will come with a description of the pendulum that accompanies it, if you have chosen the "with pendulum" AromaKit.

We are excited to introduce this beautiful and inspiring offering, and it is now available by calling (928-649-9968) or emailing ([email protected]) the Wisdom of the Earth office. The AromaKit alone, with the 15 2 ml carefully selected essences, many of which are rare, regional oils, is $210. The Spirit of Sedona AromaKit with Custom Pendulum is $250.

These trying times we have all experienced in the last year or so have created their own type of vortex that has brought about great personal change and transformation for so many people in so many ways. These changes have fueled many to realize that if they are ever to achieve their heart's desire...or to even identify their heart's desire...the time is NOW. The essences can help you to get clear on your priorities, create a path to achieve them, and support you when events arise that would attempt to derail your efforts and progress. Staying true to one's heart can be challenging, even in the best of times, but in these times, find what inspires you, what gives you that fortitude to stay the course.  Nature, self-love and self-care, and of course, our plant and mineral allies, will inspire you, time and time again, to find the courage and focus to follow your heart's call.

Class Announcements

Cynthia and I will be offering our Advanced Aromatherapy Sacred Retreat (fondly known as Level 2!) via Zoom this October (10/7-9 & 10/14-16).  With the current resurgence of Covid activity in many parts of the country, we feel that the virtual offering is most appropriate.  And! The feedback from the class in June was so overwhelmingly positive, we know you will enjoy, grow from and and savor the experience!! Tuition is $1,800; please contact Cynthia Olivera, Educational Director, at [email protected] or 928-649-9968 (WOTE office).  If you would like to explore if this offering is for you at this time, I would be happy to chat with you about it!  This level of study is a requirement for being a WOTE Master Distributor.

Cynthia and I will be teaching our Wisdom of the Earth Level 1 Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification Class this December 3 - 5, with the Friday session running from 4pm to 7pm, AZ time, and the two remaining days running from 10am to 5pm, AZ time.  Tuition is  $495.  For some testimonials on our Level 2 training, contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our transformative classes when the time is right for you!

And...I thank so many of you for the wonderful birthday wishes!!  They touched my heart!

Love, Audre

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