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Essential Oils for Winter Doldrums
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Addressing Winter Doldrums Head On – Depression & Respiratory Issues


We have all heard about the Winter “Blahs”, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and a general “depressive” energy that can descend when you have been cooped up due to weather conditions, bundled up due to freezing temperatures, or have your commute complicated by delayed trains, road closures, school closures, or other aspects of inclement conditions.  I would like to take a bit of time to talk about Essential Oils for Winter Doldrums that can really help to alleviate the feelings of overwhelm, being “down” or lack of energy due to the additional stress brought by weather conditions or the reduction of natural light.

The number one oil for me for SAD/light deprivation is Bergamot.  I always describe her as “filled with light”.  She is best applied to the soles of the feet, and is a wonderful way to begin and end your day. Bergamot is also an excellent choice to use in a diffuser in your home, generally, or in a home office or workplace setting.

SAD is estimated to affect approximately 10 million Americans, and can last for as much as 5 months of the year.  Tell-tale signs are:

  • Low energy
  • Sadness
  • Loss of interest in favorite activities
  • Changes in appetite
  • Different sleep patterns
  • Fuzzy thinking or poor concentration
  • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  • Thoughts of death or suicide.

(Source of indicators:

Applying Bergamot essential oil daily can alleviate or eliminate these symptoms.

The other feeling of overwhelm…so many more considerations for usual actions, like school attendance, work commute, running errands, visiting friends or family, or attending social events…can be alleviated by oils intended to ground us, help us to think more clearly,  or just generally alleviate worry or stress.  My top two (though there are many), are Scotch Pine and Fir Balsam.  Scotch Pine really helps our concentration and mental organization abilities, which makes throwing in several more considerations just another problem to be solved instead of the “straw that broke the camel’s back”.  Fir Balsam has always been one of my “go tos” for grounding me and helping me to just put one foot in front of the other until I have reached my goal or mastered my situation.

Another big seasonal issue is that of respiratory conditions that rob us of our energy and can take us “out of the loop” for weeks at a stretch.  Whether it is the common cold, the flu or a Covid variant, coming down with any of these can bring life to a screeching halt.  Dealing with my second bout of Covid in as many years brings this one home to me, for sure.  So…three things dominate this situation:  Immune System, Respiratory System and Monitoring (so that nothing gets out of hand because we “thought” we knew what the problem was).

For the Immune System, those of you who know me personally know that I depend HEAVILY upon Black Cumin Oil (nigella sativa) to maintain and bolster my immune system.  When I am coming down with anything, I run for my 4 oz bottle of Black Cumin and and sip from it throughout the day.  I cannot stress enough what a powerhouse this beautiful plant medicine is.  Others for the immune system (all pure EOs help the immune system, but these are especially known to do so):
Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) from Somalia
Frankincense (Boswellia neglecta) from Kenya
Conifers (Pines, Spruces, Firs, Cedarwoods, Cypresses)

Turning to the Respiratory System, again, there are many, but any of these would be an excellent start.  Apply topically or use in the French Inhalation Technique (do not try without guidance/see previous e-news on this technique):
Ravensara, Ravintsara
Laurel Leaf
Tea Tree, Niaouli, Cajeput or Lemon Tea Tree (that particular tea tree oil would go on the soles of the feet)
Thymes (soles of the feet)

Monitoring is the third leg of the “medical” stool.  I highly recommend doing a home Covid test if you come down with cold or flu-like symptoms just to rule in, or rule out, whether Covid is involved.  This helps you know how to manage your illness in terms of possible communicability to others.

So, I hope these tips help you to zero in on any symptoms you might have been experiencing.  The essences can be extremely powerful in helping to manage your health and well being in the Winter season, with all of its additional considerations.

You may recall that I announced some months ago that Wisdom of the Earth had pledged to donate 10% of our sales of Leonardo’s Lavender (named for my late husband, Leonardo Gutierrez) to a Pet Rescue organization in his honor because he loved animals so much (and rescued quite a few of them,  personally).

I am so pleased to report that we donated a total of $800 to four deserving organizations recommended by our customers on our Wisdom of the Earth Facebook page.  I feel like I covered the “waterfront” here, addressing abused or neglected/abandoned farm animals, elderly animals who are difficult to place, hospice care for old pets and farm animals, and the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned and neglected animals.  Those organizations, without exception, were thrilled with their gifts, and I felt that I had chosen wisely on behalf of my beloved husband, who is dearly missed.

So, here is a list of the organizations and the people who recommended them.  Thank you for the enthusiastic offering of great suggestions, and know that I looked into each suggested organization personally and in depth.

Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab, Inc. (Sedona, AZ – Joan Westmoreland)
Hoofs ‘n Horns Farm, Inc. (Tucson, AZ – Katie Shell)
Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary (Santa Fe, NM – Deborah Ghoreyeb)
The Grey Muzzle Organization (New Mexico – Marsi Gray)



Upcoming Classes 
Cynthia Olivera, our Education Director, and I will be offering two Level 1 Classes in 2023:  An in-person one March 15-17 in Cornville, AZ, and a Zoom Level 1, November 29-December 1.  Tuition is $595 and can be paid in increments, if needed.  The beautiful custom made Level 1 AromaKits (set of 3) are required for the Zoom offering; the set is $325 for 45 1-2 ml essences, and allow all participants to experience the key essences studied in the course and used in the ceremonies.

Cynthia and I (along with some special guests) will also be offering two Level 2 Advanced Aromatherapy Sacred Retreats in 2023.  Dates are:

  • In Person Retreat at the beautiful Moondance Lodge in the Red Rock Loop of Sedona July 9-14. Limited accommodations at the retreat center will be available for rent.  Tuition is $2,200 plus accommodations if you stay at the Center.
  • Zoom Level 2 will be offered October 16-20, and will include some fabulous guest speakers. Tuition is $2,200 and the purchase of three beautiful custom-made Level 2 AromaKits at $455.

These offerings will be posted shortly on the WOTE website, enabling registration and accommodations selection (where applicable).  Until then, please call the office and ask for Cynthia or me if you have questions or would like to register.

Please check our website for additional offerings from our wonderful WOTE Teachers — newly posted Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Certification Classes (Foundational Level 1) and other special related offerings; updates are made frequently, so please check back if you are interested in joining us in our exploration of  how pure essential oils benefit the body, mind and spirit.  The home page shows upcoming classes, along with a brief video featuring of one of our excellent teachers (currently featuring the wonderful John Odlum!), and there are these and more offerings scheduled farther out into the calendar in the Classes section of the website. 

Thank you for being a part of Wisdom of the Earth!  You guys mean the world to us!
Love, Audre Gutierrez

Owner, Wisdom of the Earth

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