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Spring Cleaning…Revealing and Releasing Grief for a Fresher, Brighter Outlook

This past weekend I had an experience that surprised me, enlightened me, and lifted some very sad and depressing memories from literally decades back that I was totally unaware that I was still carrying in very vivid form.  I attended a wonderful interfaith gathering on the topic of racism.  While there were certainly facts and experiences shared, the backdrop and basis of the exploration was music and movement…blues, Motown, gospel.  

What surprised me was the incredibly visceral reaction I had to the experience; I was literally presented in my mind and visual memory with scenes from my life, primarily from childhood, through my twenties, thirties and forties.  I had tears running down my face and my stomach was in knots, as I relived experiences I thought I had long processed and moved beyond.  As the music became more of a focal point, I realized that I was releasing some of the angst that was associated with these memories, and was feeling lighter and lighter.  Ahh, I thought, a Spring Cleaning of grief I didn’t even realize I held about the issues of racism and hate.  

I will share but two brief flashbacks of the literally dozens that flooded my body this morning:  The first was from my college years.  I grew up in a very racist household, and never felt at home there.  In college, I was exposed to greater diversity than was present in my little town in PA…where we had one Jewish family and one Black family, to my remembrance.  One of my dear college friends was on Student Government with me.  He was a smart, handsome, genuine Black man…at the time I guess we were about 20 years old.  He had “hitched a ride” from Slippery Rock State College to my house with me, so that a friend could pick him up there and take him the rest of the way home for the weekend.  I invited him in to wait in my home.  My father took one look at him, glared at me, and walked upstairs.  My mother nervously made small chatter.  I went up to my father’s room and asked that he at least say hello to my friend…he said “Don’t you ever bring another N—— into this house again.”  And that was that.  I was embarrassed beyond belief and sick to my stomach, as well.  

Imagine my shock when this memory brought me right back to the center of my living room, and I could clearly see the sad, understanding face of my friend when I said that my dad would not be coming back down to say hello.  

Fast forward a bit, to a second memory I had.  I was now a Staff Associate to a Senior VP at Educational Testing Service.  My boss, who was Black, was a PhD from Columbia University and was the most amazing administrator for the company and incredible mentor to me that I could imagine.  He literally shaped my career from his guidance and support.  We had a business trip to New Orleans, and were walking to our appointment, dressed in business clothes and carrying our briefcases, when a white man walked over to us on the sidewalk and spat on the ground right in front of us.  He then gave us a vile look and crossed the street.  I was shaken and scared…and disgusted.  Again, I haven’t thought of that scene in decades, but today’s experience of reliving those feelings made me realize the many, many unsettling race-related experiences — and the grief associated with them — that I still carry in my body, heart and spirit.  

I was grateful for the uplifting experience of the music and the camaraderie that provided the context for that discussion, that helped to reveal, and then release, these unconscious…but still very present…energies I had retained in my body.   I realized also, how much “free floating” grief we are experiencing today in our society, as opposed to our personal “lived experiences”.  This kind of grief also takes its toll, often relatively unconsciously, as well.

It is so important to remember that we use essential oils to help address this retained or societal grief, as we may consciously decide to use oils for this purpose when we experience a sad or tragic event, but may not be so aware of this more subtle grief that is no less debilitating, especially in the aggregate.

So I want to outline several ways essential oils can address grief, and offer some suggestions to provide a cleansing of any residual grief or help mitigate the collective grief of our times.

Essences to help “lift” or “lighten” grief:  Essences like Guaiacwood, Rosewood, Geranium and Violet/Violet Leaf help to address grief directly…Guaiacwood is especially good for grief held in the body or gut; Rosewood is excellent for grief held in the heart.  Geranium helps assuage grief that comes from disruption or uncertainty in our lives…not directly of our making, but affecting us directly, like an accident, a disaster, a loss of a relationship, etc.  Violet or Violet Leaf helps us to forgive ourselves for grief associated with poor choices, mis-judgments, missed opportunities.  Five to seven drops can be applied on the body (over the heart, over the solar plexus, etc.) or on the soles of the feet.  

Essential oils can also help to shift a mood, increase your positivity, “lighten things up”….so they help grief by lifting your emotions.  Citruses are excellent at this…Blood Orange, Lime (Mexican), Grapefruit.  Best applied on the soles of the feet, due their ability to irritate the skin, they can quickly give us a more positive outlook, help us to see things in perspective, and find the good, or at least the lesson, in most anything.  

Essential oils can also motivate us to action…this element was an essential part of the discussion I participated in this morning.  All intentions to create a kinder, more loving, more equitable world will fail unless they are actionable.  Essences like Ginger help move us to action…Peppermint and Spearmint help us to identify possible solutions or approaches to difficult situations.  Wintergreen helps us to lead the way with actions, not just words.  Jojoba energetically supports endurance and fortitude (would be great layered over Frankincense, to tap into inner strength).  

The lesson for me today was realizing how much we hold of our emotions (happy and sad) on an unconscious level…and I envisioned these “reservoirs” of emotion held throughout our physical and energetic bodies.  Essential oils such as those mentioned above affect us on all of our levels of functioning, and can help to clear these feelings of grief or redirect their energy towards solutions.  Allow our plant allies to share their wisdom and encourage us on all things human…and remember to use them as a general practice…some would say a “lifestyle”…instead of just when we are consciously aware of a need.  

Yes, unbeknownst to me, my emotions need a good “Spring Cleaning”, and I plan to do just that!

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