Tuning Into Mary Magdalene

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Special Topics


The Shrine of Holy Wisdom 7-8:30pm


Mary Magdalene teaches us that being human is about being fully present in our physical work while maintaining a clear connection with the spiritual realms. Working with her invites us to integrate the body, mind, and spirit through the heart, giving us a solid foundation of self-love and self-trust.
She is a myrrh bearer, working with the sacred art of anointing to assist in creating fluidity between this physical world and the infinite love and wisdom available to us as spiritual beings. 
Working with her sacred anointments allows us to access our deepest feelings with unconditional love and compassion for ourselves and others. 
In this hands-on multisensory event, you will experience sacred oils, meditation, and gentle movement, tuning into her frequency to receive guidance and channeled messages.
Practicing anointing with sacred intentions empowers us to heal, create, and live in the continuity of our body, mind, and spirit.
Come with an open heart and curious mind, wearing clothing comfortable enough to move in, and that allows you to access the lower back, and belly for self-anointing.
All bodies and genders are encouraged.




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Katie Shell

About the Instructor

Led by Intuitive Healer, Movement Facilitator, & Spiritual Counselor Katie Shell, teaching people to Listen to and Love Their Bodies unconditionally and unapologetically since 2004. Katie is passionate about helping people empower themselves to cultivate self-awareness and embrace their own innate healing abilities.