The Principles of Aromatherapy for Intuitive Development Series with Katie Shell

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5-2 hour sessions, Wednesdays, Jan 25 - February 22, 2023 5pm Pacific, 6pm Arizona/Mountain, 8pm Eastern


Dive deeper into the principles of working with essential oils to develop and enhance your intuitive abilities. In each session, we will explore the core principles of working with essential oils to develop, fine-tune, and broaden intuitive abilities. Each session will build off the next, and there will be overlap as we revisit critical components of each topic throughout the course. The course is intended to be helpful for various levels of intuitive ability and understanding of aromatherapy.

We begin by spending an extended amount of time connecting with the Earth to support a solid foundation and the infinite space which we can receive within the physical. Our work will support empaths, developing and maintaining energetic boundaries so we can choose when and from whom to receive without draining our energy. creating the container to receive.

We will work on our self-trust and self-love, opening up the heart and releasing blockages that have prevented us from trusting our inner wisdom. Connecting with the senses plays a critical role in understanding the world around us and being able to receive information. Essential oils fine-tune and give us an anchor in this physical world.

We will clear and expand the mind as we learn to cut out the noise and focus on connecting with our higher selves, guides, and other dimensional beings.


Optional oil kit with 2ml trial-size oils available to support course journey. $175 early bird through November 30 $200

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