Release: Autumnal Meditation, Discussion, & Intention Setting

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The autumnal equinox is a time of shedding layers upon layers to retreat into our innermost world. We hold onto only enough light to create a bridge between death and rebirth. We slow down to know ourselves better, to release and relax in the nourishing depths of our Earth Mother. Together through guided meditation and heart-centered discussion, we will explore what this invitation means and how to work with it within our own lives. To enhance your experience, bring an essential oil made from seeds such as nutmeg and green or black cardamom for anointing. Any essential oil or even water may be used. Optional inclusion of black cardamom with class registration, shipping included in price.



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Katie Shell

About the Instructor

Facilitated by Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Counselor Katie Shell, teaching people to trust the wisdom within their bodies since 2004. She is passionate about helping people love and accept themselves unconditionally through embodied movement, medicinal aromatherapy, and evolutionary astrology.