Online Wisdom of the Earth Immersive Level 1 Certification with Katie Shell

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Level 1 Certification




Sundays 10am-1pm PDT Feb 11 - March 10 (schedule may be adjusted based on needs of participants)


Take a transformational journey beyond common aromatherapy and tune into the wisdom of the earth and the cosmos. Gain greater self-awareness, to heal your body, mind, and spirit, and a greater understanding of our intrinsic oneness with the Mother Earth. The plants & trees are here with their ancient wisdom to help support us in navigating the great shifts of our time. The alchemic process necessary to produce essential oil acts as a guide to help us bridge our physical and spiritual selves. Experience the pure love of these pure essences and learn how to work with them to facilitate your own healing; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Bring a deeper connection to any professional healing modality or use for your personal growth.

This multi-week class structure gives you the opportunity to integrate what you have experienced each week into your daily life and come back fresh with new questions and observations to continue to deepen your work and understanding.  

We will unravel common myths, learn about treating the physical, emotional, and spiritual body, and understand how we are inseparable from the Earth and the plant kingdom. Experience profound meditations with sacred anointments and breathwork. Learn how to tune into spiritual guidance by hearing the voices of plants and trees to enhance your intuitive abilities.


$925 early bird when paid in full; $950 after Jan 15, $450 deposit required by Jan 29 for materials.

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Katie Shell

About the Instructor

Led by Master Intuitive Aromatherapist & Spiritual Counselor Katie Shell. Katie has been teaching people to Love Themselves and Trust Their Bodies since 2004. Katie is passionate about helping people empower themselves to embrace their innate abilities for self healing. Katie supports her students and clients in gaining deeper awareness on their life's journey by creating safe spaces for self exploration individually and in groups. She brings her extensive studies and experience in reiki, movement, and evolutionary astrology to her class. Course is also available privately.