Online Private Level 1 Certification Class with Kat Augustdottir-Shuford

Class Level: 

Level 1 Certification




Rolling Start Times. (Your schedule). Twenty-two hours of class time.


This one-on-one certification course is a deep dive into the principles and practices that guide our work as medicinal aromatherapists. You will learn the spiritual and philosophical context of our approach to the wisdom of plants. You will explore everything from plant systems and how they directly relate to human systems to application methods and the ancient art of anointing. We will explore plant frequencies and foundational essences relating to the body's systems. You will master the knowledge of how plant essences are made, differing levels of quality, and how to discern. You will explore the pragmatic workings of plant chemistries and aromatherapy's spiritual and mysterious heart from a deep and intuitive standpoint.

As one of the three original WOTE teachers, I absolutely love the freedom of working one on one with students on a schedule that flows with their personal life. I have discovered a unique way to transfer the powerful essence of this work into a deep format that makes us forget we are on Zoom and takes us to the realm of plants and trees to discover their innate wisdom.

Once there, we work in “plant time” and discover the consciousness that makes our approach to medicinal aromatherapy so powerful and unlike anything else you have encountered. We will dive into our aroma kits and share the 45 amazing essences as we learn the intricacies of each essence and the combinations that work to create healing synergy. The kit itself enables us to be in the common energetic field of the plants and trees and for you to personally experience and know their unique signatures.

I get to know you both intuitively and intimately during this time, and that knowledge helps us create a plan for your next steps. These devas enhance clarity and purpose and will assist you as you get into momentum.

Throughout the course, I will give you exciting assignments to deepen your daily walk with the essences. Your class manual, the reference guide, and The Book of Anointing will provide a written guide to refer to. I will record our sessions for your review in between our meetings.

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The class price is $1050.00, including the 45 essence kit, textbooks, and texts. Recordings of our sessions are also included for your archives. We can work in one, two, or three-hour increments at your convenience. Your certification brings a lifetime discount of 22% off retail essences and hydrolats. It also enables you to repeat the class for free as often as possible with the same or different teachers. (space permitting) This opportunity is one that I used and found personally beneficial in my practice.

Course Requirements: 

Once you complete your paper and are certified, I will stay with you as you explore this ancient and modern art. I love sharing experiences, protocols, and client experiences with my students to keep the learning going as my teachers did with me.


You can contact me at [email protected] or call 970 366 0963 with questions or enroll. Or go to my website to register.

About the Instructor

My daily walk with the Essences includes a shamanic healing practice of 17 years with the precious plant devas and an online coaching service, where I utilize plant essences and superconscious creation practices to teach clients how to create big life transformations. My 2023 co-project is in the formative stages and creates a platform for introducing the wilded sacred feminine elder as a redefined role model in societal leadership for successive generations of women. Without the essences, I cannot imagine my personal and professional journey; they have become my dearest creative allies.