Kat Augustdottir – Shuford


Teacher/Master Distributor

Classes Taught:

Introductory classes | Level 1 Certification | Special Topics |


Area Colorado

Kat Augustdottir–Shuford is a Master Medicinal Aromatherapist, Shamanic Healer and Intuitive for Plant Consciousness. She is grateful to be one of the original teachers for Wisdom of the Earth which has blessed her with over a decade of personal, family and client successes to share with her students. Her personal protocols and “plant prescriptions are shared in her classes in order to give her students a jump start into the powerful world of essential essences. She credits the essences with strengthening her galactic and off world connections as well as deepening her remembrance of her commitments to Gaia. Kat teaches practical medicinal aromatherapy for all health concerns and has raised all three of her children as well as her first grandchild with an out of the box approach that is counter to western medical standards. She promotes personal accountability and courage and supports her students in making radical steps to healing on all levels that reach far beyond their time in the classroom.

“There was a moment of intensity at the onset of the journeying with the plant essences that came close to being overwhelming for me. Deep inside myself, because of similar past experiences I knew I was alright and that the process was of breaking through a barrier of self limitation that I was willing to go through. But a reassurance was needed. And in that moment Kat was there for me as a strong, compassionate guide…She held me with her eyes until I felt completely safe. And with that renewed strength I ventured forth into a journey that was transformative. Kat’s level of attention and depth of perception is a gift you may wish to experience first hand.” Kachina A. Texas!

Kat would love to hear from you and learn more about your journey and your interest in the power of the the plants and trees! She is always happy to share her classes, sacred music and healing work with the essences and Mother Earth in hopes to inspire you on your path.