Aquarius New Moon Anointing, and Movement Workshop

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Special Topics


Inner Vibes Yoga, 3241 E Shea Blvd Suite 7, Phoenix, AZ, 85028, USA


Sunday 5-6:30pm


New Moons are a time to nourish the seeds of our desires so we may manifest them into reality. We will begin with gentle yoga grounding and opening the heart as we drop fully into the innate knowledge within our bodies. This multisensory experience continues as we work with sacred oils to anoint ourselves so that we may access our creative powers to set our intentions and align with our soul's purpose for what we choose to manifest. We then integrate the oils with our bodies through freeform dance to consecrate our soul's desire into the physical world.



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For more information or to register: Website: Email: [email protected] Call or text (520)275.1710


Katie Shell

About the Instructor

Led by Katie Shell, master aromatherapist, intuitive healer, astrologer, and registered yoga teacher, teaching people to listen to and love their bodies since 2004. Participants providing their birth information in advance will receive individual guidance as to which areas of their lives will be most affected by the new moon and a personalized bottle of oil for their anointing ritual that they can take with them and continue to work with during the waxing phase of the moon to further nurture their intention. For more information or to register [email protected], call or text (520)275.1710