Elements in Motion – Movement and Meditation Workshop Series

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Special Topics




Join Katie Shell for an alchemic journey exploring the elements through dance, breathwork, discussion, and essential oil anointments. As the Sun travels through the signs of the zodiac it shines on each element inviting us to embody their individual characteristics for our own self-discovery and evolution.

Water - Pisces, February 26
Dream - Surrender - Letting Go

Fire - Aries, March 26
Passion - Individually - Vitaliy

Earth - Taurus, April 24
Selfcare - Comfort - Sensuality

Air - Gemini, May 21
Curiosity - Expression - Agility

This multisensory experience begins with gentle yoga and breathwork to release, receive, and drop into the innate knowledge within our bodies. We continue our work with a discussion of the power of the element we are exploring while anointing ourselves with sacred oils to further connect with the element and our intrinsic oneness with the Earth and Cosmos. We then integrate the oils with our bodies through freeform dance to consecrate our soul's desires into the physical world.


$33 per session, $111 for the series

Course Requirements: 

All bodies are encouraged to join and move at their own comfort level. Chairs and variations provided for additional support. Space limited.


https://essentialjourneying.com/mind-body-integrative-workshops [email protected]


Katie Shell

About the Instructor

Led by Katie Shell, Master Aromatherapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Astrologer, and Intuitive Healer & Counselor