Earth Day Embodiment Workshop with Katie Shell

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Our bodies were created from the Mother Earth for us to experience life as a human. By tuning into our bodies, we become more aware of our intrinsic oneness with the planet. Allowing us to live more fully and intentional with our true natures.

Disconnection with the body prevents us from trusting our instincts, creating blockages within us and causing emotional, physical, and spiritual disharmony.

Let us take the opportunity on Earth Day to deepen the connection between our bodies and the world around us. Opening us up to greater self-awareness and self-love. Remembering that there is no wrong way to have a body and that all bodies desire to experience movement without judgment or expectations.

During this workshop, you will experience breathwork, meditation, gentle guided and free-form movement, and essential oil anointments. Essential oils being tools from the Earth herself help us remember our connection and hear our inner voice and the voice of the planet.

Movement is suitable for all fitness levels and is intended to allow you to feel more comfortable in your own skin, and accepting of your body exactly as it is right now.

All genders and bodies are encouraged in this inclusive space.

Join us for this alchemic multi-sensory journey and explore the innate knowledge within our bodies as inseparable from the Earth.

Available in person AND live streamed.
The live stream is available with an optional oil kit. The live stream will NOT be recorded.


$45 ($40 early bird through March 21)

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Katie Shell

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