Aromatherapy & Mental Wellness with Tresa Laferty

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Metal wellness is a topic that has been rightly put into the spotlight in the last few years. Our sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic system, the brain’s emotional center. This is a significant aspect of mood regulation. This shows why certain scents can bring up memories, trigger emotions, or impact our behavior. Adding to this the Ayurvedic understanding of the chakra system, we know that the sense of smell is directly linked to feeling safe and grounded. Exploring emotional stability using the essences can be a profound experience. Handouts and personal exploration time included.



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Tresa Laferty

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Tresa is a nationally certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, certified advanced Medicinal Aromatherapist, certified Reiki Master Teacher, certified Shamanic Animal Healer, and an Animal Communicator. She is the past president of the Ayurveda Association of Wisconsin and founder of Wise Tree Academy, an on-line wellness school. Tresa’s passions are sharing Ayurveda, earth-based healing, and teaching how to be in harmony with the environment. With each client -human or animal-, she weaves “food as medicine” instruction, herbal wisdom, aromatherapy, and spiritual practices into their detailed wellness plan or course curriculum. Tresa became a WOTE Level I teacher in 2013. Her comfortable teaching style is filled with practical application of the essences with lots of stories to help you remember the uses of each essence. In her classes, Tresa weaves her deep knowledge of Ayurveda into all aspects of using the essences. She also a deep passion and over 20 years of experience of using essences with animals.