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Kachina is a gentle spirit with an inner strength and ability to focus energy for healing. Her deep yearning for Spiritual development and expression guided her journey to South India at the age of 24 to delve deeply, for over 30 yrs, into ancient practices that ultimately awakened in her clarity through intention, compassionate sensitivity and a discerning intuition.

These qualities express through her life long training in the healing arts of: The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education, Bones for Life, Iyengar Yoga, Wu Style Tai Chi and Chi Gong, Massage Therapy, Jin Shin Jytsu, Reflexology and Aromatherapy.  Kachina is a Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist.

The infusion of the high frequencies of Wisdom Of The Earth Essences into her own body has graced her life and that of the others she serves. The Spirits of the Plants and Trees, through Wisdom Of The Earth Essences, open our hearts and invite a depth of sweet, self compassion essential for our personal and global transformation. Anointing student/clients before or during a session accesses this core alignment to their Source to guide their healing/freedom process with gentleness and love.


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Kathy is founder and owner of Healing Therapies of New England, LLC. As a gifted Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and whole health healer she has been in private practice since 2008. Kathy weaves life experiences and multiple modalities into her healing work to offer whole health healing to all her clients.

In addition to holding a BHSP certification Kathy is a Contemplative Life Coach and WOTE Level 2 Medicinal Aromatherapist. She weaves the trees and plants into all her work; as she supports individuals to discover their true inner self and a powerful connection to their own divine life force. She believes there is great comfort in the ability to access multiple levels of support in every given moment.  Kathy guides and coaches clients’ via Facetime and Zoom, as they move thru their own personal process and into a life of abundance, joy, peace and serenity.  

Kathy choose to align with Wisdom of the Earth’s community in 2010 after a tremendous amount of research into essential oils on a personal quest to discover which “company” she was drawn and guided to align with on a spiritual basis. WOTE was the one!