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In 1996, while living in Los Angeles, Susan Bender had an “Ah-ha” moment.  Despite years of success in the entertainment industry, she was discontent and feeling disconnected. Her mind kept going back to a time in her life in which she spent months in physical therapy recovering from a near fatal bike accident.  “I remember how much pain relief and well-being I felt through the natural healing arts during my rehabilitation,” she recalled.

She realized a high-stress career was not the right choice for her.  She began studying and practicing traditional massage and Cranial Sacral Therapy in California, but felt drawn back to her roots in New Mexico, settling in Santa Fe, a community she loves for its natural beauty and openness to holistic lifestyles.

As a licensed massage therapist, specializing in Ancient Lomi Lomi, Susan is drawn to ancient healing practices.  She spent years looking for the best essential oils to use as medicine in her practice.  When she met the owner of Wisdom of the Earth in 2011, she knew she had found the right match.

Finding these essences was like finding a missing puzzle piece. Helping others uncover their true light and healthiest self is Susan’s passion. In addition to teaching Level 1 classes, she provides private consultations and has developed Anointings, using the essences to specifically enhance immunity, energize, release stress and boost overall wellness. More information can be found on Susan’s website.