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Area Montana

Velvet is a WOTE Master Distributor and soon to be Level 1 Teacher with over two decades of experience in working with the Plant People. As a single mother of a child born with immune system issues, Velvet sought ways to help her daughter be healthy first through the Plant Kingdom.

Way before there was internet, Velvet did a home study course for herbalism and changed her relationship with food in order to support her daughter. Her first experience in understanding that plants are conscious beings was during a course with renowned Plant Medicine practitioner, Stephan Buhner.

This course opened her heart, her mind and her consciousness to the fact that plants are here to help in a very loving and supportive way. Then in 2001 she became a reflexologist and started working with essential oils to further facilitate wholeness and wellbeing. She didn’t begin working with WOTE Plant Essences until 2009 when one of the company’s employees wandered into her metaphysical rock shop. But she was so taken with the way WOTE worked with the essences that she dreamed for years of studying with Barry.

While she was waiting for the right time to take the plunge, she studied several modalities (Body Talk, Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Training and Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowan) and created a few of her own to further the healing of her clients on a physical, mental and emotional level. Finally, in 2013 she took the level 1 medicinal aromatherapy certification course and in 2018 manifested her dream of studying with Barry, Cynthia & Audre. She uses WOTE Plant Essences in the meditations she facilitates, in her reflexology & akashic record sessions as well as private consultation sessions and Divine Blue Print Restoration, Activation and Upgrade session.