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Master Distributor


I am a certified WOTE Level 2 medicinal aromatherapist.

When I first discovered WOTE, I was watching a video on the internet. It was as if I was guided to do so. A man in the video was saying how beautiful and fabulous WOTE essences were. Having never heard of WOTE, right away I checked their website. Everything that WOTE was sharing is aligned with what I care about and I feel important.

One of the Aroma Kit was my first order. When I picked up the kit and opened each bottle, my life changed forever. I was so astonished as I heard the whispers from the plants or their spirit! I didn’t know how to use the essences, but they guided. So I followed their instruction. I had a sense of “this is it” and the guidance that they were giving me sat in me very deeply. Without doubt, I knew that I’d study the essences from WOTE. I took Level 1 within a year of my first encounter of the essences and the following year, I participated in Level 2.

Healing myself and loving myself have been one of my journeys. Since WOTE and the essences came into my life, my life has expanded so much. Because I experienced a lot of trauma growing up, I could not see that loving people existed. WOTE helped me changing its perception. Now I see so many loving people around the world. I have immense gratitude toward plants, trees, Gaia, WOTE and guides who have brought me here.

It is my honour to share this amazing plant medicine to those who need. Subconscious mind work, Yoga asana, pranayama, meditation classes are also available.

Sono can be reached at 778-316-3960 or email her at [email protected].

Japanese and English available.