Violet: A Source Of Strength As Feelings Of Vulnerability Encircle The World

Violet: A Source Of Strength As Feelings Of Vulnerability Encircle The World

Strength from Vulnerability...the gift of Violet

The world is feeling the effects of the violence in Ukraine; additionally, each of us also feels the effects (whether consciously or unconsciously) of violence or unrest or fear happening in our own lives or those of friends, loved ones or our community.  Even if we "turn off the news", as so many are, the energy and vibration of vulnerability and unrest surrounds us.

Within the context of external events, I am happy to share that our beautiful Violet (Absolute) Essential Oil is back, after an extensive search, as our original supplier in France retired.  And, my feeling is, the timing of her arrival couldn't be better, as HER strength is helping us find OUR strength in times that test us, that cause feelings of vulnerability or that evoke fear.   I was listening to the radio this morning, and one Ukrainian stated that the Russian invasion first created a sense of panic and fear within her, but that became a fierce resolve and a passionate sense of patriotism for her country.  Violet is an ally in helping us make that transition from fear to resolve.

In the process of finding our strength and reclaiming our power, Violet can also help us move toward forgiveness...for ourselves and the perpetrators of those unsettling events.  There is a beautiful quote, which has had various attributions, that states "Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that crushed it."  So the violet offers two perspectives on feelings of fear or vulnerability or victimhood...the events that gave rise to those feelings can be the impetus for rising up and responding with strength and resolve, and can also lead us to forgiveness.

Violet is also very calming, and can create the serenity that allows us to go deep into our heart and access the wisdom there.  My massage therapist was applying our Violet to me during a session, and its effect on her brought her to tears.  Throughout the session, she kept observing how the Violet had gone to another new level, revealing new insights and possibilities. Here are a couple of quotes from texts she wrote to me as she was exploring Violet:  "Violet will raise you from one reality to another.  She is a Worker for our Times!  Transmute, Transmute, Transmute!"  "Violet will center you in your heart.  She will delicately, tenderly, divinely open your heart.  She is Grounding, She is Expanding."  Need I say more?  🙂

Lastly, I was reminded by a new friend that Violets are popping up all over in the Sedona area!  They are a harbinger of spring, and are beginning to show themselves as a beautiful  purple blanket on Mother Earth.  So, how apropos that I would choose to write about her today!

I invite you to experience our new Viola odorata, Violet Absolute, essential oil, and allow her to share her very special gifts with you.  She is priced at 5 ml $60 and 15 ml $156.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to share this issue of Words of Wisdom with a friend if you think this message is timely for him or her.  As always, we value your trust in us as your source for pure, hand-poured essential oils and hydrolats, and know that we hold you all in gratitude.

Love, Audre

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