Wisdom of the Earth Foundational Essences AromaKit Set (45 oils in three kits)




Three Fabric Holders with 43 2ml Essences and 2 1ml essences (Rose and Neroli)

The set of three AromaKits Wisdom of the Earth provides to online Level 1 Aromatherapy students was designed to give them a good foundation in a wide range of essential oils that could address virtually any physical, emotional, or spiritual condition or situation.  The 43 2 ml essences (15 per Kit) and 2 1ml essences (Rose & Neroli) offer a good representation of essential oils derived from fruits, roots, bark, flowering tops, resins, leaves & twigs, and blossoms (see list of essences included below).

The Foundational Essences Set has been so popular with both students and WOTE Distributors auditing the classes, that we have decided to offer the set to a more general audience who may also wish to experience a carefully chosen selection of oils designed to represent some of the most familiar oils available in aromatherapy, such as Frankincense and Lavender (Fine), as well as some little known treasures such as Fir Needle Siberian and Pine (Ocean).

Kit 1:  Basil, Holy; Birch, Sweet; Cardamom, Green; Cedarwood, Himalayan; Chamomile, Roman; Cinnamon Bark; Cinnamon Leaf; Cistus (steam distilled); Clove Bud; Cumin, Black; Eucalyptus, Blue Mallee; Eucalyptus, Mint; Fir, Balsam; Fir Needle, Siberian; Frankincense

Kit 2:  Geranium; Helichrysum italicum (Albania); Hyssop; Laurel Leaf; Lavandin Sumian, Lavender (Highland-1400 meters); Lavender, Fine; Lavender, Spike; Mugwort; Myrrh; (1ml) Neroli (Orange Blossom); Niaouli; Orange Petitgrain; Orange, Blood (Italy); Oregano, True

Kit 3:  Patchouli; Peppermint, US; Pine, Ocean; Pine, Red; (1ml) Rose (Bulgaria) (steam distilled); Rose Hip Seed; Rosemary high camphor; Sage, Clary; Sage, True; Spikenard; Spruce, Norway; Spruce, Blue; Tea Tree; Vetiver; Ylang Ylang

Please note:  A variety of color-coordinated fabrics are used for the 3 Kit set; this is an example.

Return Policy on AromaKits including the Foundational Kits

Effective October 31, 2022, there are absolutely no returns on any AromaKits, including the Foundational Kits.

Due to the fact that the 2 ml bottles do not come with tamper-evident security caps, once the AromaKits have been shipped from WOTE, we cannot guarantee that the bottles have not been opened, used, exchanged, or acted upon in any way that would compromise their integrity. For this reason, we have a strict, no-return policy on all AromaKits.

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