Vanilla (Absolute) Essential Oil


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Vanilla planifolia

Absolute means that this essence was produced via solvent extraction (versus steam distillation). Ethanol (grain alcohol) is used in this process.

Facilitates and helps the Central Nervous System (CNS);  Not only calms, but aids in easing tension and frustration.  Helps with dream retention, also an aphrodisiac.  Beautiful when applied over the heart or on the third eye.  For calming, apply over the heart, base of the spine or solar plexus. NOTE:  This essence is the consistency of maple syrup, so you may need to warm it up (place the bottle in a baggie and submerge it in very hot water for a few minutes), or you may need to remove the plastic orifice reducer each time you use it.  The effect is well worth the effort 🙂


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