Belinda N. Ahern


Teacher/Master Distributor

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Belinda is an integrative health practitioner who combines her extensive knowledge of healing practices that focus on the physical,mental and emotional aspects of human well-being. Through her own journey of self-healing, she discovered the power of self-care practices and believes that anyone can cultivate internal strength and resilience to truly love the life they are living.

Driven by her passion for physiology, Belinda has become a master in various disciplines such as yoga, meditation, and integrative personal training. She also incorporates protocols from Western and Chinese medicine, herbalism, aromatherapy and Ayurveda to activate the body’s natural mechanisms.In addition to her health service training, Belinda has a background in animal behavior and extends the concept of the well-being of self to that of our companion animals.

Belinda’s approach is practical and concrete, offering step-by-step guidance to help individuals embrace a love for life. She encourages self-care as a natural expression of self-love, fostering not only personal well-being but also nurturing human and companion animal relationships with a deep appreciation for life itself. Her mission is to share her passion for integrative modalities to anyone interested in the concept of living a life more connected to our natural rhythms and adapting to one’s developmental changes that come with age and within each season.  

As a Founder of the Science and Art of Living and CEO of the OCCE Center located in the charming town of Chester, Connecticut, the center provides a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to develop the tools needed to incorporate healthy strategies into their everyday lives. With Connecticut’s only Medicinal Grade Essential Oil Bar of its kind.  Carrying over 200 medicinal grade essential oils from across the globe and sourced by Sedona, Arizona’s Wisdom of the Earth (WOTE) Experts.  Having traversed the USA and abroad Belinda brings it all to one location with one of a kind courses and curriculum on the concepts of self and co-regulation with exercises and activities for personal growth.  Experience a grounded state of presence facilitated with the plant and animal kingdom on site or via zoom.  Contact Belinda to learn about the empowering services, personalized programs and the powerful remedies that support an integrative lifestyle.