Elizabeth Rose DiDomenico


Master Distributor


Elizabeth Rose has always had a deep love for our beautiful mother earth, nature, and healing the body in a natural way. As a young child she always felt deep peace being in the woods, placing her hands and feet in the dirt and nurturing plants in her vegetable and herb gardens.  In 2016 Elizabeth and her family moved to a beautiful property on the edge of a 1000 acre wildlife preserve filled with Birches, Spruces, Cedars, Hemlocks, Firs and so much more. She dreams of one day owning a small herb farm. Little did she know that this was the start of a new and exciting journey. 

In 2018 Elizabeth began studying Advanced Energy Healing with Dr. Jacqueline Kos of Guilford Connecticut. She completed the course in September of 2022. This intense and amazing Energy Healing course has given Elizabeth the tools to connect with the body’s subtle energy systems, to eliminate blockages, release old patterns and stories, as well as turn on the body’s natural healing abilities inside each of us and ultimately return to our true divine self. 

Elizabeth has also been teaching instrumental music for 20 years throughout Connecticut.  She is a public school instrumental music teacher and has a private music studio as well. Elizabeth teaches instrumental music to children of all ages as well as adults. She loves and adores teaching and fostering joy of making music, empowering students through the arts and using music to raise one’s frequency.

Elizabeth has been using essential oils for years but when she was introduced to Wisdom of the Earth’s essences she could feel the pure frequency and love from these beautiful trees and plants. She completed her level one and two certifications and had the pleasure of auditing level one classes over the last year.

The essences merged all the puzzle pieces together for Elizabeth in the most powerful way possible. In her own life Elizabeth has observed a parallel between music and wellness. Imagining the human body and all its major and subtle systems as an orchestra. When it is out of tune it can create static and chaos that leads to disharmony in one’s life. The oils have helped Elizabeth fine tune all systems and keep the body resonating and in harmony bringing more joy, peace, and presence. Elizabeth has also been able to bring the essential oils into the public schools everyday to help “tune” and support other educators, students and parents. She feels it  has been an absolute blessing and joy to work with the oils, Wisdom of the Earth,  and to help educate and support others around her.