Heather Einshohn


Master Distributor


Heather’s life’s work began thirty eight years ago studying nutrition as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual development. Her practice in massage therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and Feldenkrais Method, along with many other modalities, helps provide the framework for her passion of facilitating clients to create Sacred Space and Divine Connection.

Many years of going to India enriched her personal practice, followed by more than a dozen years of Journeys in Sacred Ceremony to Panchamama’s Vortex’s.This amplified the Call we all have to give and receive on Cosmic Levels. These experiences have enriched her commitment to herself and others for Awakening and Attuning during these intense times.

The purity and Potent Life Force of the Essences of Wisdom of the Earth are radically profound and are an effective contribution in raising our frequencies and accomplishing these goals. These times present countless challenges and the WOTE essences provide effective solutions.  It is delightfully rewarding to be part of the WOTE family!  Heather is a Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist.

“I have found there is a remarkable expression of recognition at the superior quality when I first introduce the essences to a new person. An energetic shift that gets their attention! These are different! It is an honor to add these essences to my healing sessions with people and pets and witness the effect of stabilizing the shift to manifest personal change that so many of us seek. May we ember the Virtues of the plants and trees and walk our days with elegance and ease!