Candice Claire Oksenhorn


Teacher/Master Distributor

Classes Taught:

Introductory classes | Level 1 Certification | Special Topics |


Area Colorado

I am passionate about reconnecting with and teaching natural healing practices. I had a strong cosmic connection at a very young age and circled back around to this as an adult. I was very drawn to the power of aromatherapy and took the foundational course with Wisdom of the Earth around the same time I became a a Chopra Certified Meditation & Ayurvedic Lifestyle instructor. I continue to study and mentor with a variety of teachers to learn more about Ayurveda, herbs, foods, teas, etc. I then became a certified Yoga Health Coach teaching an online course on the 10 most important ayurvedic daily habits. I have used these essences and practices in my own traumatic healing journey. I live in Aspen, CO and coach privately as well teach classes to help my clients learn to joyfully take responsibility for their health using natural practices, healthy eating and aromatherapy.

I became a Wisdom of the Earth Master Aromatherapist in 2018. I ALWAYS use these beautiful essences in every class and with every client. There is not a day that I don’t anoint myself and my environment with the healing essences. There is truly something unique and very special about Wisdom of the Earth’s essential oil essences! They lovingly work on all 5 of our bodies.