WOTE Level I Certification with Susan Cote

Class Level: 

Level 1 Certification


2 Sundays May 7th and 21st 9am-5pm


Susan will ground participants in a basic and deep understanding of the ancient relationship between humans and the Plant Kingdom. This class honors both the healing properties and the consciousness of the Plant Kingdom.

During this hands-on gathering, we will explore over 80 essential oils in depth, exploring their physical, emotional, and spiritual uses. We will learn how medicinal aromatherapy can support you, your family and clients.
Join us as we understand how essential oils are harvested and distilled and how to most effectively and safely use them in our daily lives to maintain health.

Explore single pure, undiluted essences and learn how to intuitively work with essential oils based on both inner knowing and intellectual knowledge.

Learn how the Ancient Art of Aromatherapy can deeply enrich your life!


The cost of this intimate class is $650 and includes the certification fee!

Course Requirements: 


Susan Cote (860)942.0197 [email protected]


Susan Cote

About the Instructor

Susan will be the instructor for this course.