Virtual Aromatherapy in Season – The Spirit of Spring

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1-3pm MST


*Please sign up before April 1st to ensure you receive your AromaKit in time.
Supporting Liver and Gallbladder functions and releasing deep-seated tension on all levels ~ reconnecting our individual minds with the Universal Consciousness and bringing direction and action to our dreams and visions!
- We will be discussing the season of Spring according to Traditional Chinese Medicine along with the Wood element associated with this season.
-We will be utilizing the essences from the Spirit of Spring AromaKit to help us move into this season with vibrant health and well-being! During class, we will be anointing ourselves with the essences and discovering a variety of medicinal applications while exploring and educating our senses through the art of aromatherapy. Click the link to see what’s included in the Spirit of Spring AromaKit.


Cost: $150 *Includes AromaKit

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With Rachel Jackson LMT, CYI & A WOTE Level I Aromatherapy Teacher Call or email Rachel for more information or to reserve your spot for this educational, fun & aromatic experience! 401.743.3688 [email protected]


Rachel Jackson

About the Instructor

This is part of a series of classes I am offering at the turn of each season. My vision is for these gatherings to bring us together as we enter a new season, whether that season is internal or external, a large life shift or a small gentle transition. This is a platform to learn a luxurious way to support health and vitality on all levels with high quality food grade essential oils and embark into the change of seasons within our lives with awareness and intention. Visit our website for more information about future events like this and other wellness offerings.