Yin Yoga Immersion ~ Let Your Heart be Light with Rachel Jackson LMT, CYI, Certified Level 2 Aromatherapist

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~ A nod to Valentine’s Day! ~
Rachel specializes in a style of teaching called Yin Meridian Meditation. In this class, you can expect to hold postures for longer periods of time in meditative stillness and deep relaxation. The healing effects of this practice take place deep within the connective tissues, the joints, and the subconscious and emotional body for newfound freedoms in body and mind. This practice will focus on softening tension and tending to the many facets of the Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra). The heart center is connected to the part of the brain responsible for creativity, emotional harmony, and self-fulfillment through self-awareness (aka manifestation!). This practice invites the body to release patterns of pain or disharmony here through stillness, breath, and awareness – allowing for the heart to blossom in its own time with gentleness. Aromatherapy will be added to the practice to enhance this heart-opening experience. Class will close with a Yoga Nidra and a short neck/scalp massage while in Savasana. Yogi Tea will be served after class as a traditional offering.



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Call/Text/Email Rachel for more information or to reserve your spot (space is limited to 6) in this deeply nourishing and restorative Yin experience! 401.743.3688 [email protected] For a complete calendar of events and classes, visit: https://www.yamhealingarts.com/


Rachel Jackson

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