Online Level 1 Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification by John Odlum 2-5 weeks -Student choice

Class Level: 

Level 1 Certification


From 2-5 weeks depending on what students choose.


Join John Odlum, one of Wisdom of the Earth’s most senior teachers of this amazing course, for a truly life changing and powerful experience! John has had the honor of teaching and certifying hundreds of students in the Art of Medicinal Aromatherapy over the past 13 years.

This course will enable you to connect with the consciousness of the plants and trees. With the assistance of pure Essential Essences of the highest quality, you will be able to better understand the scope and depth of healing that the plants and trees provide in all areas of your life.

Learn the truth behind common "toxicity myths" and correct common conditions such as hormonal imbalance, pain, digestion, anxiety, stress, candida, substance and emotional dependency and much more. Essential Essences enhance ALL other healing modalities.

Learn a spiritual approach to aromatherapy that will help you trust your senses, intuition, inner guidance and lead you back home to your most authentic self.

John is truly humbled by the power of the plants and trees and honored to be one of their messengers. He's excited to be your guide into their world to learn how to receive and listen to their wisdom!

This is a unique opportunity to take this powerful class online. For those of you who have always wanted to take this class with John, distance is no longer an obstacle! This is available to anyone anywhere in the world! This is also available to any WOTE certified level one student to audit.

Usually this is done live in a more immersive 3 day course. This online option allows much more time to integrate your experience and knowledge over an extended period of time.


The cost of $875 includes tuition, Aroma Kits, 3 textbooks including a reference guide. All of this will be mailed out to you.

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John Odlum

About the Instructor

John is a WOTE certified Level 1 instructor and one of our distributors in Connecticut. Learn more about John and other Connecticut distributors here: